Tropicana Atlantic City Casino Overview

Tropicana Atlantic City has become one of the most popular resorts on the East Coast. While it was once just one of many choices on the boardwalk, it is now one of the most frequented destinations in the gaming city.

Tropicana is located near the beginning of the boardwalk, all the way at the end, opposite the now-defunct Revel. If you’re visiting this casino, you will likely need to take a cab back to where you came from, as there is not much activity down this way beyond what you’ll find at Tropicana itself.

The casino features a very eclectic mix of patrons. There is quite the dichotomy between visitors that you will see at Tropicana. There is a large segment of young visitors who tend to frequent the clubs, bars, and table games alike. When the club at Tropicana, named Providence, is open, you’ll immediately notice the influx of younger customers. This becomes even more apparent when the club closes down and these guests flood the gaming floor.

At the same time as Tropicana has a very young crowd, they cater to older clientele as well. The bars in the casino frequently have themed nights, whether that means ’80s music, celebrations of different cultures, or something else entirely. The resort itself is so large and sprawling that you’ll find something different with each turn. If you look at it from the outside, you may not realize just how big the property is on the inside.

Hotel rooms

The Tropicana hotel room options are very polarized. There are low-end options perfect for the younger, college-aged crowd, and there are newly renovated suites for those with a larger budget. Tropicana as a whole is quite large, and this includes the overall scope of their rooms as well.

Tropicana is known for its affordability. In terms of comparisons, it is most in line with the rates that you would find in Atlantic City at a property like Bally’s. The rooms are easy to have comped as well if you’re providing any decent level of casino play. Tropicana sends out more room offers than just about anyone in AC, save for Taj Mahal, who is now defunct and no longer an option.

All in all, the rooms at Tropicana are ok, and best described as “you get what you pay for.” The new towers at Harrah’s and any of the rooms at Borgata are superior to Trop, but you will pay for the added luxury.


Tropicana has a reputation as a party spot, especially for those in their 20s. It wasn’t always this way, but the dynamic is certainly shifting in this direction. With that said, it is not a big hot spot for pools. Harrah’s, with their Pool After Dark domed pool, will have the crown when it comes to pools in AC.

The pool options at Tropicana are simple and straightforward. You can choose from the indoor pool, usually best for those with children, or the outdoor pool, which is a bit more of a party scene, complete with a bar and walking distance to the beach and boardwalk.


Dining is where Tropicana really stands out. The walkways are jam-packed with every type of restaurant imaginable. From low-end, 24-hour stores to high-end, reservation-only restaurants, Tropicana has many choices in each category.

The number of total restaurants in Tropicana is too extensive to reasonably critique, but we will include the full list and a brief description.

High-end dining at Tropicana

  • il Verdi-Italian – The top pick from Tropicana.
  • Golden Dynasty – Traditional Asian dining, with a much higher end feel than you will find at the noodle bar.
  • Carmine’s – Carmine’s is an Italian restaurant that is a notch below what you will have at il Verdi. This is a chain restaurant that you can also find in Las Vegas.
  • Cuba Libre – One of the more unique options at Tropicana, this restaurant features actual Cuban dishes and atmosphere.
  • Palm Restaurant – This is the premier steakhouse at Tropicana. This will also be the most expensive option available for the average guest.
  • PF Chang’s – Another chain restaurant, PF Chang’s is an additional Asian dining choice.

Casual dining at Tropicana

  • Fiesta Buffet – Every casino has to have a buffet, and Fiesta Buffet is the option at Tropicana.
  • A Dam Good Sports Bar – More of a bar than a restaurant, serving basic food like burgers and fries.
  • Hooters Atlantic City – The same Hooters as you will find across the country, it is a staple at Tropicana.
  • Ri Ra Irish Pub – Like the sports bar, this is more of a drinking destination than a choice for dining.
  • Broadway Burger Bar – The name says it all. Think Gordon Ramsay BURGR in Las Vegas, but not quite as fancy.
  • Chickie’s And Pete’s – Yet another chain restaurant, this location is also a bar known for its East Coast, Philadelphia centric roots.
  • Perry’s Pizza – A typical pizza shop, this is ideal when you know exactly what you are after.
  • Tony Luke’s – Another Philadelphia based chain brand, Tony Luke’s is a popular restaurant known for its cheesesteaks.
  • Casa Taco & Tequila Bar – The Mexican restaurant of choice at Tropicana, and the only one of its kind on the property.

In addition to these restaurants, Tropicana also has fast dining options. These tend to change fairly frequently, but you will typically find brands like Starbucks and a sub shop among the options.


As a new visitor to Tropicana, it would be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer size of the gaming floor. The bright gold décor has a very ’80s feel to it, but the property as a whole is clean and modern.

Tropicana promotes its casino gaming awards, including best video poker in AC. They also list their high-limit slots section as one of the best in town. This is entirely believable, as most high-limit slot rooms in AC are not terribly impressive.

Table gaming at Tropicana is just about the same as you’ll find at every other casino in Atlantic City. The biggest benefit to playing here will be the volume of tables available. It makes it much easier to find an open seat at your game of choice. There is a separate section that offers Asian pit games exclusively.


There are two primary nightlife options at Tropicana AC. These include Providence and Boogie Nights. Providence has a younger clientele while Boogie Nights caters to the middle-aged crowd. While these two are the long-time staples, Tropicana has recently launched a new nightclub named Anthem. This is the most modern of the clubs at Trop, but Providence remains the most popular.


As is the case with the majority of AC casinos, shows and entertainment are not a priority or selling point for Tropicana. While there will be a headline performer from time to time, they are hardly regular attractions. Moderately popular bands and comedians comprise the show schedule at Tropicana more often than not.


Outside of its proximity to the boardwalk and the beach, there is nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy about Tropicana. If there is one thing that sets Tropicana apart, it is the size of the property and the extensive number of dining options.

VIP & Player Program

The player reward program at Tropicana is the Trop Advantage. The system here is very similar to what you will find at CET properties in terms of structure and benefits alike. In all, there are five different tiers that players can achieve.

These tiers start with green, then copper (4,000 points), gold (20,000 points), platinum (100,000) and finally, black (450,000 points). The black card is exceptionally difficult to obtain, and even more so when you consider that Tropicana is a standalone property. This means your play at other casinos in AC or otherwise will not help contribute toward an elevated status level.

Benefits range from free parking (yes, parking is charged almost everywhere in Atlantic City), to free dinners, rooms, trips, and events. Players who are platinum or higher can also earn priority access throughout the property. This allows for a lot of time saved when lines are skipped at the hotel desk, restaurants, cab lines, and more.

Other benefits in the Trop Advantage program are the same as most other programs offer. These include discounts on shopping and dining. Free play, bonus offers, and cashback promotions are also available to players with copper or higher status. The higher your status, of course, the more significant your annual benefits will become.

Using your points and comp dollars

The benefits listed above are available according to your status level. In addition to tier points, you will also earn actual comp points that can be used at your discretion. You can use comp dollars on shopping, dining, and hotel stays. Some players are also eligible to turn their comp dollars into free play at a reduced rate.

To check your available comp balance, you can either visit the player rewards kiosk, swipe your card at one of the many machines located throughout the casino, or by logging into your account online.

Tips for your visit

Tropicana is perhaps most well known for its very, very large selection of games. Whether you play slots, table games, or both, Tropicana will have one of the largest selections available anywhere. The gold-plated casino is not the newest on the block, but it is kept very clean and modernized.

We suggest visiting Tropicana to earn potential free play with your new players’ card. You won’t have anything to lose, and you may walk home with a lot of extra cash. Even if you just want to relax, Tropicana has a dynamic selection of restaurants and bars to choose from, so your friends who don’t gamble will also be entertained.