Free Online Slots

Online slots are more accessible than ever. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer can play games anywhere, at any time. You can play for free or win real money jackpots.

Do you want a piece of the action? With our expert guide, you’ll be confident about finding the perfect games that suit you. We’ll even tell you which developers to hunt out.

Slot nameDeveloperRTPPaylinesReelsTheme
5 DragonsAristocrat95.17%2435Dragons, Chinese symbols
50 DragonsAristocrat94.71%505Dragons, Golden dragons
50 LionsAristocrat94.71%505Lions, African savannah
BuffaloAristocrat94.85%1,024 ways to win5Buffalo, American Wild West
Choy Sun DoaAristocrat95%2435Chinese, God of Wealth
Lucky 88Aristocrat95.6% – 97.00%255Chinese lucky numbers, Good luck
PompeiiAristocrat95.45%243 ways to win5Pompeii, Ancient Rome
Tiki TorchAristocrat94.85%205Tiki, Tiki torches
Cash WizardBally94%305Fantasy, Magic
Fu Dao LeBally96%243 ways to win5Chinese
Lady Robin HoodBally94%405Fantasy, Medieval
Acorn PixieBally96%305Fantasy, Fairies
Lucky TreeBally96%305Chinese
Triple Cash WheelBally95.30%605Retro, Classic
AnchormanBally96.30%255Movie tie-in, ‘70s
Cirque Du Soleil KoozaBally96%405Circus, Pop culture license
Quick Hit PlatinumBally94.06%305Classic, Retro
Michael Jackson King of PopBally96.04%25580s, Big-name license
CleopatraIGT95.20%205Ancient Egypt, Historical
Da Vinci DiamondsIGT94.40%205Fine art, History
CatsIGT94.93%305Animals, Wild
Triple DiamondIGT95.06%93Retro, Vintage
Siberian StormIGT92.5% – 96%720 ways to win5Arctic, Animals
Stinkin’ RichIGT92% – 96%1005Cartoon
GhostbustersIGT92.5% – 94.2%305Movie tie-in, Spooky
Pixies of the ForestIGT93.00% – 94.90%995Magic, Fantasy
Triple Red Hot 777IGT92.01% – 96.13%53Retro
Treasures Of TroyIGT95.03%405Ancient Greece
Texas TeaIGT87.5% – 96.2%95Oil, Cartoon
Coyote MoonIGT92.50% – 94.80%405Desert, Coyote
Family GuyIGT92.50% – 96.05%305Cartoon, Humor
Kitty GlitterIGT94.92%305Cat, Fantasy
Black WidowIGT91.99% – 96%405Wealth, Thrill
Golden GoddessIGT93.5% – 96%405Fantasy, Greek
Wolf RunIGT92.5% – 94.98%405Wild, Wolf
Wheel of Fortune on TourIGT92.5% – 95.6%305Gameshow, Driving
Double DiamondIGT95.04%13Vintage, Classic
Wild WolfIGT92.99% – 94.97%509Wolves, Mystical
Hoot LootHigh 595%205Animal, Wilderness
Thundering BuffaloHigh 594.90%720 ways to win5Animal, Tribal
Twin WinHigh 594.60%155Ocean, Animal
Double Da Vinci DiamondsHigh 594.90%405Art, Gems
Dangerous BeautyHigh 596%405Fantasy, Assassin
Diamonds of AthensHigh 594.90%506Greek mythology, Gems
Jaguar PrincessHigh 594.90%505Jungle, Fantasy
Island EyesHigh 594.90%405Island, Mystery
MichelangeloHigh 594.90%995Art, Historical Figure
The Vanishing ActHigh 594.90%405Magician
Madame MonarchHigh 594.90%405Fantasy, Butterflies
Night of the WolfHigh 594.90%305Werewolf, Supernatural
Rembrandt RichesHigh 595%205Art, Art History
Shadow of the PantherHigh 594.90%305Jungle, Supernatural
The Secrets of the ForestHigh 594.90%995Magical Forest
China ShoresKonami94.09%305Cultural, Chinese
Solstice CelebrationKonami96.03%305Spiritual, Seasonal
China MysteryKonami96.10%305Cultural, Chinese
Sparkling RosesKonami95.92%305Beauty, Luxury
Chili Chili FireKonami96.09%305Cultural, Mexican
RawhideKonami96.03%305Wild West
Jumpin JalapenosKonami96.04%305Mexican
Lion Festival Boosted CelebrationKonami96.08%305Cultural, Chinese
Dragon’s LawKonami96%305Asian, Oriental
Gypsy FireKonami96%305Mystical
Raging RhinoWMS95.91%4096 ways to win6African, Animals
GoldfishWMS96%255Fish, Aquarium
Cool JewelsWMS96.01%6The Arctic, Jewels
ZeusWMS95.97%305Zeus, Greek Gods
MontezumaWMS95.86%305Montezuma, Aztecs
Super Jackpot PartyWMS96.01%205Jackpot Party, Party
Bier HausWMS96%405Oktoberfest, Beer
Crystal ForestWMS96%255Crystals, Magic forest
KronosWMS95.94%205Kronos, Greek Gods
Heidi’s Bier HausWMS96%405Oktoberfest, Beer
Invaders from the planet MoolahWMS96%255Aliens Cows
Alice and the Mad Tea PartyWMS96.03%305Fantasy, Magic
Bruce LeeWMS96.05%60Martial arts, Bruce Lee
KISSWMS95.94%1005Rock ‘n’ roll, KISS
Reel’em InWMS95.99%205Fish, Bass fishing
Epic Monopoly IIWMS96.01%1005Monopoly

Can I play slots for free?

Online casinos want you to come and play at their site, so they offer a free play or demo version of most slots to attract you. These demo games operate in just the same way as the real-money game, but you’ll bet with play money.

You may find some games tilt toward player advantage when you play for fun. This can mean a bonus triggers more often or wins land thick and fast. This ensures top entertainment in free play, but when you switch to playing for real money, it’s worth bearing in mind.

How do I choose what slots to play?

Slots have developed over decades, driven by what’s popular with audiences and what’s possible with technology. You’ll find a broad spectrum of slots styles, designs, and features available to play.

So, how do you find out what your perfect slot game is? By reading our expert guide, you’ll be fully prepped with the lowdown and top tips on how to play online. Then, you’ll be ready to get stuck into spinning some of the best recommendations listed on

How to play an online slot

Online slots work on a set of reels and rows. The reels contain dozens of symbols, and each symbol carries a different prize value. After you select a coin size and hit the spin button, the reels will spin at random and come to a stop. If you match symbols in certain combinations across the reels, you will win a payout, as detailed in the paytable.

This is how a slot works on its most basic level. However, when you load up the reels for the first time, there’s a whole screen full of information, which can be mind-blowingly confusing. To demystify the slots game, let’s delve a little deeper. We’ll unlock some of the functions, features, and rewards that are available when you play online.

Standard features or functions

Common to most online slots is a series of functions or features that mean you can play the game the way you want. The type and nature of these functions vary from developer to developer, but you’ll typically find the following:

The Pay Table

The pay table is like an instruction booklet that helps you navigate your way around how a slot works and check out the possible prizes. You’ll find it often pops up as a separate screen.

The table lists the symbols and their prizes as well as how the special features work, and it can provide details of RTP and payout rules. It’s worth browsing a game’s pay table before you get spinning to get an idea of what to expect.

Paylines / Ways to Win

Payouts are only made for combinations that land on set lines across the reels. Paylines can vary from just 1 to 100s. One modern development is the “ways to win” structure, which means any symbol combination that connects from left to right is a winner. Ways to win can vary from 27 to 1000s.

Block Pays

Instead of traditional paylines or a “ways to win” structure, you may come across block pays wins. This setup will make sense to anyone who’s ever played a Candy Crush-style game, where wins are formed from a connecting group of four or five symbols.

As online gaming becomes more and more accessible, these features will naturally cross over from social gaming to gambling, and vice versa.

Bets and prizes can be more complicated with a block pays setup, so it’s worth reviewing the pay table before spinning the reels.

Bets/ Coins

Some slots let you choose the number of paylines to play on. This is great if your budget is limited because it reduces your stakes. You should remember, though, that reducing paylines also lowers your chances of hitting win lines. A better way to maximize your money is to adjust your coins per line.

Modern slots are increasingly moving to a simpler, fixed betting structure. This makes it easier to play, but it’s also less flexible on budgets. It’s an excellent reason for you to play slots for free online.

RTP (return-to-player)

Slots payouts are not left entirely to chance. How much you could possibly win is referred to as the Return-to-Player (RTP) ratio. It’s written as a percentage and gives you an indication of how much you could theoretically win over a given period of time.

Players should always remember that the RTP is a guide and is based on probability over a long time period. It is not a guarantee of how much you will win.

Volatility / Variance

Online slots are divided into three categories of gameplay variance: low, medium, and high. This tells you the size and frequency of wins you can expect.

A game’s volatility has more to do with player experience than the payout rate. One player may prefer low-volatility action, where you can land lots of little wins, and a high hit feature rate.

Another player may prefer the other extreme of high volatility. This can build mounting anticipation with long spells of no prize action before a huge payout is triggered with a big fanfare.

Whatever your variance of choice, remember that volatility has no bearing on a game’s RTP. In the long run, you will not win more or less because of a game’s volatility rating.

Spin, Play, Autoplay

There is always a button to get the reels spinning, and it’s typically central and often large. Most slots give you an autoplay option so you can sit back and rest your trigger finger. Choose the number of spins and set a loss or win limit before you watch the reels go.

Autoplay is especially useful when you play slots for free and aren’t restricted to playing a set limit of real-money spins.

Settings – speed, music, graphics

Slots are increasingly giving players the choice to build a bespoke experience. In the settings function, there are often chances to adjust music or sound FX and speed up or slow down the reel spins.

Where a game really shines is when you can adjust the graphics’ quality to suit your tech. With so many games coded in HTML5 with top-quality animation, some devices can’t take the strain. If you have an older smartphone, tablet, or computer, check your settings to see if there’s a graphics-lite option.

Special Features

If a slot’s standard features are the functions, what are the special features?

These are the added extras that make the difference between a plain slot and a thrilling game. They’re primarily focused on increasing your chances of winning prizes. However, the best examples enhance your gameplay and your player experience. Some special features like wilds and scatters can be found in the vast majority of slots.

Other special features compete to be as unique as possible. They are where individual developers can shine, showing off their new innovations in the latest tech with exciting variety. These treats have become hot selling tickets that attract players to the game. Our expert guide will take you through some of the most widely used special features.

Wild Symbols

These days, it’s rare to find a slot that doesn’t feature a wild symbol. Wilds are hugely popular and often used to boost your chances of wins. They are special symbols on the reels that act a bit like a joker.

Wilds can replace any other regular symbol and complete a winning combination. Some slots offer a prize for landing a combination of matching wilds, while others don’t. Check out the paytable first to find out.

Enhanced Wilds Symbols

The wild symbol is now so standard that developers add to its prize boosting powers for some extra attraction.

There are countless variations of enhanced wilds. Some exciting examples include:

  • Transforming wilds that have the power to change other symbols
  • Stacked or expanding wilds that fill entire reels
  • Walking wilds that travel from one reel to another as the reels spin
  • Sticky wilds that remain locked in place as the reels continue to spin
  • Multiplier wilds that multiply your prize payouts by a set figure

Scatter Symbols

Another hugely common special symbol, the scatter usually performs two functions.

Firstly, they are often not restricted to paylines. You can win a prize for landing two or more scatters wherever they fall on the reels. Secondly, scatters commonly trigger a bonus game.

Some slots offer enhanced bonuses (e.g., more spins) the more scatters you land. This special symbol is usually excluded from the wild’s powers.

Pays Both Ways/ Win Both Ways

Most slots reward you for matching symbols that only land from left to right across the reels.

An added feature can be found in a slot that pays both ways. This means any combination of symbols from left to right or right to left is a win. It’s a great feature that increases your paylines without increasing your bet.

Cascading Reels

First pioneered in NetEnt’s hugely popular Gonzo’s Quest, the name of this feature varies from slot to slot. Whether you come across it as Avalanche Reels, Tumbling Reels, or another name, they all follow the same pattern.

Each symbol from a winning combination disappears and allows new symbols to fall into place from above. If another win occurs, the action is repeated. This continues until no more wins land. All of this action is classed as one spin for betting purposes.

You can often find cascading reels combined with the block pays structure, copying the style that was popularized by the Candy Crush apps.

Colossal Reels

A reel set that is super-sized way beyond the standard 5×3 or 5×4 is called a colossal reel set.

A slot might offer these enormous reels as part of its standard base game. Alternatively, expanded reels may trigger as a feature on the base game or as part of the bonus game.

Reel Respins

This is essentially an extra free spin, but you will find variations on the theme from different developers.

One symbol, or an entire reel, may remain locked in place as the other reels spin. You may have a single spin, a fixed number of spins, or spins that increase depending on wins. No bet is taken for this fun extra feature.


Wherever you find a number with an ‘x’ next to it, you’re likely to have a multiplier on your hands.

Multipliers may pop up randomly as symbols on the reels, part of a wild, or the characteristic of a feature. However this feature manifests itself, it means your prize will be multiplied by the figure shown.

Split or Colossal Symbols

Both split and colossal symbols perform a similar function in two different ways. As the name suggests, a split symbol divides to form a copycat symbol squeezed into one position. A colossal symbol is an expanded symbol that takes up multiple positions. Both features serve to increase your chances of bigger or more frequent win lines.

Progressive Features

Some slots features make you work harder than others. However, this hard work can also mean greater rewards. Features that are progressive, for example, might mean you need to hit a specific number of wins. This can earn you increasing rewards.

The task could be to achieve consecutive wins, and the reward might be a multiplier that increases for each successive win. Alternatively, you may need to progressively fill a meter every time you win, allowing you to unlock extra features or bigger prizes.

Some (oftentimes volatile) slots require you to work extra hard. Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is famous for testing a player’s patience. You progressively unlock features and levels the longer you play and the more times you trigger the bonus.

Bonus Games, Side Games, and Gamble Features

One of the most rewarding elements of any online slot comes from the side games. Whether they are bonus games or gamble features, they are an additional element that happens separately from the base reels. Like the special features listed above, these added games are another area where developers can showcase their skills.

There are plenty of exciting innovations and variations available to attract players. The core games, however, have remained a consistent feature for some time. Here, we detail some of these core games that you can expect to come across when you play slots for free online.

Free spins

Probably the most famous and widely used bonus available is free spins. When this bonus triggers, you’re awarded a number ofextra spins for free. At its most basic, it is just added spins. As slots evolve, though, this bonus sees more development than most features.

You’ll find a wide variety of enhancements that can make the free spins bonus a thrilling and rewarding game. Any number of the special features listed above can be included to boost both fun and prize factors.

Free spins prizes are always awarded at the level of the bet that triggered them. Some free spins games take place on a different set of reels. They could carry a different number of symbols, so you can’t always expect the same payout rate as in the base game.

Pick ‘Em Bonus

This is a bonus game that takes place on a separate screen or on the base reels. The trigger may be the scatter symbols, it may be random, or it may be a choice from a wheel of fortune-style spin.

You click on a number of items that reward you in some way. Rewards vary and could be anything from prizes to triggering free spins or getting a multiplier for your win.

The pick ’em bonus is traditionally a quick, top-up bonus that enhances the theme. It often plays second fiddle to free spins, a jackpot, or similar.

Wheel of Fortune

Hugely popular as a feature across all gambling industries, the wheel of fortune can take many forms in slots. It typically offers a potluck choice of rewards by spinning the wheel to see where it lands.

The best example of this type of feature can be found in IGT’s hugely popular Wheel of Fortune slots, which are based on the long-running hit TV game show. Games in this range vary in style, but they all feature a prize wheel bonus with the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

Gamble Feature

For players who like to increase the chance factor, there are plenty of slots with gamble features. Gamble features are always an optional extra and never obligatory.

They trigger at the end of a winning spin and take you to a separate screen. You can choose to gamble all or half of your winnings on the turn of a playing card.

You can opt out and collect your winnings at any stage. In many slots, the gamble feature doesn’t trigger if you’re in autoplay.


Every game comes with a fixed jackpot sum that can be won. This jackpot can be the largest potential prize from the highest-paying symbol or an extra feature to unlock. A game’s pay table often details the largest possible sum that a slot can pay out on any given spin.

Progressive Jackpot

In terms of prize potential, you can’t beat a progressive jackpot. Progressives can break records if enough players join in on the fun.

Often featuring in high volatility slots, this jackpot is not fixed but is part of a communal pool.

Every player who is betting on the game anywhere in the world has a portion of their bet added to one or several pots. Each of these pots can then be won by any active player, according to the rules of the feature.

Games like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah are hugely popular and therefore rack up some huge jackpot figures. The more people play, the bigger the jackpot gets.

When you play a progressive slot, it’s like purchasing a lotto ticket. “Tickets” are drawn at random, and you might have a chance of winning the jackpot or activating a jackpot bonus game. However, the higher your stake, the more “tickets” you receive, and the better your chance of hitting the big one.

Our detailed analysis of slots games’ functions and features is by no means exhaustive. Competitive software companies are developing exciting new mechanics, features, and designs all the time. However, our list gives you an expert foundation from which to explore what you like.

Do I need to download special software?

Very rarely do you need to meet any special requirements to play online slots. Gone are the days when you had to download particular software or apps. Now, all you need is a reasonable broadband connection and a device that connects.

Keeping up with the tech that we all use is how top developers stay competitive. These days it’s all about browser-based play. The most popular browsers- Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Edge (Explorer)- lead the way with streaming content seamlessly. From PCs to smartphones, whether iOS or Android, all the latest devices will have no trouble accessing the browsers you need.

Where you might struggle is if your device is much older. As Flash is increasingly phased out in favor of HTML5 for gaming, some older computers may struggle with the transition. If your computer slows to a snail’s pace when you load up a site full of HTML5-animated banners, it might also struggle with some of the latest online slots.

To combat this problem, first make sure all your software is up-to-date and the hardware is cleansed of unnecessary data. When you play slots, you should close all other processes and background apps to maximize the power focused on the game. If this still doesn’t work and you have no other devices to play on, you may want to consider an upgrade.

It’s a win-win situation to play slots online

Hitting your nearest brick-and-mortar casino for a piece of the action holds a certain romantic nostalgia. So, how can online play compare to this?

When it comes to playing slots online, there’s a whole bunch of advantages a land-based casino just can’t beat. Besides the convenience of simply turning on your machine (while you’re still in your pajamas), there’s so much more choice available than in the casino lobby. There are thousands of slots to choose from, which you can bookmark in your browser’s favorites and head to instantly.

By far the best advantage of playing slots online is the try-before-you-buy factor. Online, you can enjoy an entire evening of slots entertainment without spending a dime. You can test out the gameplay and get a feel for the mechanics, which includes gauging a game’s return-to-player (RTP) percentage.

Every slot features a payout variance— the long-term, theoretical percentage of a return on your bet. This is what developers call the RTP. Online games tend to offer a higher RTP than land-based games, which means a higher return.

With fewer overheads than a brick-and-mortar casino, there’s less of a house edge online. It’s rare to find an RTP below 90% online. A game with an RTP over 95% is considered good. When you find a slot over 97%, it’s a must play.

You can often find the RTP details in a game’s paytable. If you play for free, you get a better sense of how this percentage plays out without committing a dime.

Is it legal to play slots online?

Online gambling in the United States is slowly evolving. As of 2019, four U.S. states have moved to legalize it.

In Nevada, online poker is legal. In New Jersey and Delaware, you can legally bet on poker, casino games, and sportsbooks online, but this is only available to those within state boundaries. Most recently, Pennsylvania has legalized online gambling, but there are no legal sites available there yet.

Players in all other U.S. states can sign up to online casinos, and can often play games both for free or for real money. However, just because you are able to doesn’t mean you’re allowed to.

Before logging on to play free slots online, you need to check your state’s legal restrictions. This can also include restrictions on using social gaming sites.

It’s worth noting many U.S. residents can access online casinos that are registered offshore. While this might seem attractive, sites with unreliable licensing may prove to be more trouble than they’re worth. You can play safely and securely when you stick to online casinos that are licensed in recognized jurisdictions.

Sites licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom are generally considered the safest and most reliable. However, these sites will also provide a list of restricted countries. If you are not eligible to play, you will not be allowed to open an account, even to play for free.

Top slots developers for free online slots

You now know you can play online slots for free. You know how and where to get them. Finally, we need to look at what to play. This is perhaps the most difficult question of all, as there are literally thousands of online slots available from dozens of developers.

We’ve rounded up our top six developers who offer a superb selection of online slots to play for free. Any online gambler looking for a great free play slot will find plenty of entertainment from this list.

Free IGT slots

One of the most established developers on the market is IGT. IGT is a big hitter with a long history. In its four decades, the U.S. company has established a concrete reputation in the land-based market. Luckily for online players, IGT is savvy to new markets, too.

You can find all of IGT’s big land-based success stories converted for online play. This can mean games aren’t designed with online play in mind. What you do get is big bling and big jackpots.

A superb example is the hugely popular Cleopatra game. An all-time classic that’s synonymous with slots, its success is founded on solid gameplay and some mega prize potential. Another top success story is IGT’s Wheel of Fortune. The game has been such an enduring hit that it’s spawned a whole series of spin-off titles, all of which are worth checking out.

IGT’s back catalog is huge and varied, but another notable highlight is the popular Wolf series, which includes Wolf Run, Wolf Run Mega Jackpots, and Wolf Rising.

Free WMS slots

Williams Interactive is a big deal in U.S. gaming circles. Now part of the larger SG Group, it boasts its own long history in the industry. Its solid reputation is built from success in both land-based and online slots.

This has enabled WMS to team up with some top brands for licensed slots, such as Monopoly and Star Trek. With titles like these, WMS is boldly bringing new life and new audiences to the slots play universe.

As part of the backbone of the gaming industry, WMS boasts a huge catalog of games with a broad range of themes. You can enjoy some classic action and superb graphics amongst its most popular titles.

For example, the mighty Zeus series has evolved into four slots with powerful and entertaining gameplay. The popular Bier Haus and Heidi’s Bier Haus promise Wheel-of-Fortune-style bonus games with an Oktoberfest vibe.

Free Aristocrat slots

Known for its classic designs and scorching gameplay, Aristocrat is a pillar of the gaming industry. This Australian brand offers a big international presence and a very distinctive gaming style. Their huge catalog of slots is dominated by bold graphics, brash noises, and big prize potential.

The company also produces some of the hottest high-volatility action on the market. If you like your slots bold, fast-paced and furious, then you will love the series of iconic Buffalo slots. This enduring, popular game celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2018. Other must-play hits from Aristocrat include titles like 50 Lions and Pompeii.

Free Konami slots

You may know Konami for their mighty presence in the arcade and video games world. Having built solid success in those markets, Konami has more recently turned its skills to online slots.

With big innovations in arcade gaming under its belt, the Japanese-based company knows a thing or two about exciting player experience. Look out for fun features, like action-stacked symbols, across many of Konami’s games.

In the United States, Konami has teamed up with Spin Games for its distribution, so you’ll find many of its online slots on the interactive ROC platform. Popular titles to check out first include China Mystery, China Shores, and the spicy Chili Chili Fire.

Free High 5 Games slots

High 5 Games (H5G) began as a slots provider for popular social casinos online. Now, you can find both free play and real-money H5G slots at casinos across the web. In particular, High 5 Games also provides games to regulated online casinos in New Jersey.

The company’s games are characterized by simple graphics and gameplay. However, most five-reel H5G slots offer at least one bonus feature. Their most popular games include superb titles like Dangerous Beauty, Night of the Wolf, and Michelangelo.

Free Bally slots

Bally is a big-shot in the land-based market, and a company with an illustrious history. While it’s now part of the SG Group, it still forges its own path with top slots titles. Bally is known for classic action, big brands, and rewarding fun.

The company boasts a big catalog of titles in brick-and-mortar casinos and online. Some of its most popular free online slots include Michael Jackson King of Pop, and the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza.

If you’re a fan of a little high-risk action, you should also check out Bally’s Hot Shot series. These popular games, such as Hot Shot Progressive, feature mini-games with chances to win one of five big progressive jackpots.

Frequently asked slots questions

Q: Why do I need to register with an online casino?

A: Some sites need you to register before you can play, even if you intend to play for free. There could be a number of reasons for this. It might be date-of-birth or geolocation confirmation, to ensure you are eligible to play. Registration is often straightforward and doesn’t require a deposit of money.

You do not need to register an account to play any of the free slots available on our website.

Q: Can I get free spins?

A: Many online casinos will entice you to deposit money by offering bonuses of free spins on slots. They are usually only available if you play for real money. These deals can be superb, so it’s worth shopping around to find the offers that suit you best.

Q: What’s a free spins bonus feature?

A: Bonus features are an added gameplay element to online slots, which you trigger during the base game. They offer the chance to win additional prizes without making a bet. Free spins are one of the most common features. If you play for free, all features will be the same as if you were playing for real money.

Q: Who are the best online slot developers?

A: There are nearly as many slot developers as there are slots. Major providers like IGT, Bally, and Aristocrat provide video slots for both land-based casinos and online sites. Some of the best new developers, like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and High 5 Games, cater solely to online casinos. Whichever slot developer you pick, make sure they are properly licensed and regulated for online play.