Stratosphere Las Vegas Casino

The Stratosphere isn’t just a large building for Las Vegas. It’s the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. However, this massive building is deceiving. It seems to be a little-known fact that the hotel isn’t actually located in the large tower.

The hotel is in a separate 24-story building that houses almost 2,500 rooms. The Stratosphere is a unique casino and hotel in Las Vegas. There really isn’t anything like it.

The tower isn’t just a tall empty structure. It’s home to thrilling rides and some of the best views of Las Vegas. There are four rides atop the Stratosphere that will take you over the ledge of the 1,149-foot tower. If you’re not one for thrill rides and simply looking for a great view of Las Vegas you can visit the observation deck. The Top of The World rotating restaurant and 107 Lounge also offer great views Las Vegas while you eat or drink.

While it’s technically on the Vegas Strip, the Stratosphere is a little bit north of the action. Some people don’t even consider it to be on the Vegas Strip. You should note the location when pricing the rooms here. The extra distance might add an extra taxi or rideshare fee to your daily budget.

In June 2017, Nevada’s biggest tavern gaming company PT’s Entertainment Group and it’s parent company Golden Gaming acquired Stratosphere owner American Casino and Entertainment Properties. PT’s Entertainment Group runs 56 gaming tavern locations across Nevada, including dozens in the Las Vegas area under the PT’s Pub and PT’s Gold brand names.

Weeks later the company inked a deal to add the Stratosphere to Best Western Hotels & ResortsBW Premier Collection brand.

Hotel rooms

The Stratosphere is a mid-tier casino with a slightly above mid-tier room product. The hotel features 2,429 guestrooms and suites. While you’re probably most familiar with the 1,149 foot tall Stratosphere tower, the hotel is only 24 stories high.

The Standard guest room is average in size and has basic amenities. The contemporary decor won’t offend, but it won’t evoke a feeling that you’re in a special place. These rooms have the oldest decor in the casino and are usually the least expensive. Rooms come with either one King bed or 2 Queen beds.

The Standard Premier is the next step up for basic hotel rooms. These rooms were recently upgraded to have a more modern contemporary feel. Each room has a 42-inch plasma television, plush designer headboard, MP3 alarm clock, work desk and chair, closet with doors, dresser, and granite bathroom countertops. You can sense the value when you spend a little more money on these rooms.

Since the hotel is only 24 floors, you may not get the view of Las Vegas that you’re expecting from a room on a high floor. A room with a view of the Vegas Strip will cost a little more but remember how far away from the action you are. The views available in the hotel rooms aren’t the famous views you’ll see from the top of the Stratosphere tower.

There are four other room types available at the Stratosphere. This includes Select, Select Premier, Elite and Elite Premier level rooms. Amenites increase with each room level, including luxury bedding and 55″ Tvs in the Elite and Elite Premier rooms.

All Premier level rooms offer the best city and mountain views.


The Stratosphere has a nice range of dining options for everyone. You start with the basics on the ground level and end with the finest dining at the top of the Stratosphere tower. Besides the views and attractions atop the tower, the restaurant options might be the best feature at this hotel and casino.

  • 107 Skylounge – Snacks, cocktails, and great views
  • Buffet – Traditional Las Vegas buffet
  • Fellini’s – Old school Italian restaurant
  • McCall’s – Comfort food that you’d normally find at a pub
  • Mookies – Ice cream shop located on the retail level in the Stratosphere Tower Shops
  • Nunzio’s Pizzeria – Offering pizza, calzones, strombolis and more
  • Roxy’s Diner – Classic casino cafe
  • Top Of The World – Come for the 360-degree views of Las Vegas and stay for the steak!
  • Tower Creamery – Adult ice cream shop located on Level 108 of the Stratosphere Tower
  • Food Court – Features Chicago Hot Dog Company, El Nopal Mexican Grill, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Wok Vegas


The Stratosphere has a surprisingly large, 80,000 square foot, casino. The rather large casino floor includes just over 40 table games. However, this casino floor is dominated by machines. There are over 800 video poker and slot machines occupying most of the casino floor. In addition to the main casino, the Stratosphere also has a 10-table poker room and a newly remodeled sports book with with multiple widescreen televisions and personal TVs for horse race viewing

The casino is an underrated asset for the Stratosphere. The location of the property might put this casino in the back of your mind, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Craps odds are 10x which is among the best on the Vegas Strip. The sports book is a good size for major events like the Super Bowl or NCAA Basketball tournament (AKA March Madness). If you’re a slot machine player, you’ll find a good mix of new and vintage games. Plus, the casino offers single-zero Roulette wheels.


Most visitors don’t go to the Stratosphere for the nightlife. However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t exist. You’re in Las Vegas and there’s always some form of nightlife to be found. The best nightlife at Stratosphere comes with amazing views.

  • 107 Skylounge – Great views and drinks on the 107th floor of the Stratosphere Tower
  • Air Bar – You won’t hear much about this bar with great views because it’s rumored to be only for hotel guests
  • CBar – Located right in the center of the casino
  • Images – This bar features live bands and $3 shots of Jagermeister
  • Margarita Bay – Bar featuring tequila drinks is located near the Race & Sportsbook
  • McCall’s Whiskey Bar – Whiskey and snacks from the restaurant make for a nice Happy Hour
  • Radius Wet Lounge – 25th Floor Rooftop Pool bar
  • Sin City Hops – The property’s newest Beer Bar

Entertainment and Rides

Entertainment in Las Vegas usually consists of shows and performers. The Stratosphere is a bit different than most casinos in Las Vegas. You’ll find a few shows for your entertainment but the Stratosphere also has fun for the whole family during the day. The rides at the top of the tower are as important to the entertainment at the casino as are the shows.


  • LA Comedy Club – Live comedy in the Tower Shops
  • MJ Live – Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
  • World’s Greatest Rock Show – A Rock Legends Tribute Concert


  • Big Shot – Shoot 160 straight up atop the Stratosphere Tower
  • Insanity – Spin 900 feet above ground and 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower
  • Sky Jump – Leap off Stratosphere Tower and plunge 829 feet at 40 miles per hour
  • X – Scream – Ride head first down the tower and dangle 109 stories in the air


The main resort pool, also known as Elation Pool, is located on the 8th floor of the Stratosphere. The pool area isn’t massive but it’s large enough for the relatively small hotel. In addition to the main pool, there are three oversized spas. The pool is open to all ages but minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

The moderately sized pool area offers food, drink, and gambling during the summer hours. Like most casino pools in Las Vegas, the Stratosphere offers cabanas with VIP service.

During the summer hours, a second pool opens at the Stratosphere. Radius Pool is located on the 25th Floor Rooftop. This is an adults only European-style (tops optional) pool for guests 21 and older.

Stratosphere loyalty club

The Stratosphere’s players club is called ace | PLAY. Benefits and rewards are earned and only at the Stratosphere, Aquarius Casino Resort in Reno, and Arizona Charlie’s properties in Decatur and Boulder. This is one of the smaller casino players clubs that you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. Unlike some of the larger players clubs in Las Vegas, you can’t earn rewards or points from spending outside of the casino. Ace | PLAY only rewards you for gambling.

One of the major benefits of a small players club like ace | PLAY is that the casino wants to keep you. They make it relatively easy to climb tiers quicker than some of the larger players clubs. This allows you to reach a higher status than you might elsewhere. The benefits and rewards you earn can be greater and earned quicker. If you’re a fan of the Stratosphere, then you should like what you receive from ace | PLAY.

Ace | PLAY is similar to Las Vegas locals casino players clubs with a lot of small promotions. For example, on a given day you may win a free buffet, t-shirt, hat, etc. just by earning a certain number of points. There are also randomly set players club point multiplier days for all members.

These aren’t the kind of promotions that you’ll see with the large tourist oriented casino players club. However, the Stratosphere is often a destination for tourists making these unique features of ace | PLAY. One of the key features to keeping you invested in ace | PLAY are the tier multipliers which reward you faster for each tier you climb.

Point Multipliers

  • Blue – 1x
  • Orange – 2x
  • Green – 3x
  • Red – 4x

This small players club is one of the most simple to understand. You only earn points while gambling so the math is pretty simple. You simply decide how you’d like to redeem your points: Cash, Slot Play, and Comps are your three options. Since rewards are based on venues at the Stratosphere it’s usually easy to decide. ace | PLAY points can be earned when playing slot machines, video poker, and table games.

  • Slot machines – 1 point for every $1 played
  • Video poker – Varies with the game played. 1 point for every $2-$8 played
  • Table games – (blackjack, three card poker, etc.) – Varies on the type of table game you are playing, your average bet and how long you play

You can redeem your points based on the points earned below:

  • 600 points = $1 cash
  • 500 points = $1 slot play
  • 300 points = $1 comps

Each tier reached in ace | PLAY offers marginally better benefits. The Stratosphere is a moderately sized casino and hotel, so your benefits are equally modest. The point multipliers assist climbing each tier quickly. Here’s a breakdown of benefits for each tier.

Blue – entry level

10% discount at participating restaurants
Special Email Offers
ace | PLAY exclusives
Priority 800 number

Orange – Earn 10 points

Same as Blue plus the following
25% buffet discount
Room upgrade availability
Guaranteed Stratosphere Select Room
Access to VIP services like VIP hotel check-in
Birthday offer
Rental car discount at Stratosphere Budget desk

Green – Earn 100 points

Same as Orange plus the following
ace | PLAY dividend (annual bonus point gift)
Priority seating and service at designated outlets
Executive casino host service
Priority reservations at hotel
Exclusive seating at shows
Host sponsored special events
Tower Admission (Visit VIP Services for admission voucher for up to 4 people)
Upgraded hotel amenity package
Priority service at the casino cage

Red – Earn 250 points

Same as Green plus the following
Bonus entries for select promotions
Special amusé bouche at Top of the World
Priority seating at Level 107 Lounge
Turn down service
Limo service to and from the airport with hotel stay
Best table available Top of the World

ace | PLAY Partners

While ace | PLAY doesn’t have full-time external partners. It has promotions with outside companies like Norwegian Cruise Line. The players club is affiliated with both Arizona Charlie’s casinos in Las Vegas and Aquarius in Laughlin, NV.

ace | PLAY Online

ace | PLAY has a basic website. You’ll find some of the basic players club information but not everything we’ve discussed here. There’s a portal to check your ace | PLAY information as well. Much like the websites, the mobile app is very simple. You can check your account, view offers and see very basic information for each casino that is affiliated with ace | PLAY.

One feature that you’ll find with ace | PLAY online that you won’t with other, larger, players clubs is that you can link with their online casino. You can actually earn points for your brick and mortar casino players club by playing at

ace | PLAY Best Bets

Sign up – You receive a 10% discount at participating restaurants at the Stratosphere just for signing up.
Earn 10 Points – Las Vegas has always been for high rollers and you can earn your way into the entry level of the high rollers club with just a few bucks in the slot machines.
Multiply – Each tier level you climb offers greater point multipliers. The rich get richer with ace play so you might as well enjoy it.
Get the best at Top of the World – One of the biggest attractions at the Stratosphere is dining at the Top of the World restaurant. The best tables are reserved for red card members. Also, you’ll get a complimentary amusé bouche to start off your evening.

Must do’s at Stratosphere

  • Enjoy The Rides – There are 4 rides that will take you off the ledge of the Stratosphere tower. Big Shot, Insanity, Skyjump, and X-Scream are definitely for the thrill seeker. These rides are unique and must be enjoyed unless you’re afraid of heights. In that case, stick to the observation deck.
  • Go for a dip – The pool is located on the 6th floor at the Stratosphere. It’s an outdoor escape set above the action of the Vegas Strip. The pool is all ages until 6pm but remains open for guests 21 and over until 10pm. There’s even a DJ from Thursday-Sunday night if you want to start the party outdoors.
  • See Las Vegas from every angle while you dine – Top of The World is a rotating restaurant atop the Stratosphere tower. The restaurant spins slow enough that you should never even feel it. However, you might notice something different every time you look out the window. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees in 80 minutes.
  • Take in the views from happy hour at 107 Lounge – The lounge offers 360-degree views of Las Vegas which is probably enough of a reason to visit. However, there are 3 Happy Hour specials at 107 Lounge. There is discounted food and drink in different varieties from 4pm-7pm, 10:30pm-1am, and 1am-4am. Great views and great deals!
  • Watch the World’s Greatest Rock Show – This Rock Legends Tribute Concert celebrates some of the most beloved classic rock bands of all time with performances just like the original artists from the late 70s and early 80s. It features classic anthems from KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Journey, Heart, Meatloaf, Van Halen and more. Plus, there’s a state-of-the-art light show and video screens. The show is produced and directed by veteran producer Dick Feeney and Darin Feinstein, founder of Red Mercury Entertainment.