Luckyland Slots Review

Luckyland Slots is a new social casino venture from Australian-based company Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW). VGW also operates a successful social gaming site called Chumba Casino and a social poker room called Global Poker.

Social gaming sites circumvent U.S. gambling legislation and allow Americans to legally play for United States dollar (USD) cash prizes.

+$10 Gold Coin Package on your first Purchase of $4.99
US Players Accepted
Daily FREE Sweeps Coins Just For Logging In
Available on Android App, Desktop, and iOS Web
Redeemable For Cash Prizes

A social casino: how does it work?

Social gaming sites skirt U.S. gambling laws by offering players a choice between two virtual currencies. In this case, VGW offers Gold Coins and $weeps Cash ($C).

Gold Coins are play money. They provide no value outside of Luckyland and cannot be exchanged for cash prizes.

$weeps Cash, on the other hand, can be. The catch is that players can’t actually buy $weeps Cash. Instead, Luckyland bundles come free with Gold Coins purchases. Once players accrue $C50 or more, they can exchange the $C for USD in the store.

VGW has worked with top lawyers to ensure U.S.-based players can safely and legitimately play and earn cash prizes online.

Ways to play at Luckyland Slots

Players can only access Luckyland Slots in-browser. There’s no dedicated app for Android or iOS devices yet, but nearly all modern devices are supported and can run the site.

Interested bettors can also visit Luckyland slots via Facebook, or they can sign up quickly and easily via their social media platform account.

The first thing players will notice when they visit the site is that it makes them download an in-browser client. This happens no matter what kind of device they’re visiting from, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Downloadable clients are not a common feature of most casinos in today’s market, social or otherwise.

In fairness, the client does look extremely smooth and shiny. Everything works really well, with a nice level of detail that is resized to fit the screen. On the other hand, about 90% of the games at Luckyland also require players to download them first. For those with slower internet connections, it could take a while to get started.

Luckyland’s game selection

There are 23 slots in Luckyland’s collection. That’s not a great range when compared to most online casinos around the world. Some of the titles include:

  • Payday Puppies
  • Forbidden Fortune
  • Treasure of Atlantis
  • Money Mayhem
  • Empire Reels

Luckyland’s slots cover a wide range of themes, including fantasy, history, and cutesy titles. They also don’t appear to be as blatantly inspired by other slots as some of the games from Luckyland’s sister site, Chumba Casino.

Eleven of the slots share a networked progressive jackpot that often reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars in value, which is always nice to see. This is obviously not able to compete with the big-money progressive titles from the world’s biggest slot developers. Still, it’s a decent prize that will attract U.S.-based players who are without many other options.

Some of these games look fantastic as well, although we had to wait about 15 minutes to play a few of them – even with decent download speed.

Purchasing Gold Coins at Luckyland

Luckyland Slots awards players with 8,000 Gold Coins upon sign up.

There’s also a bunch of bonus Gold Coins players can earn by logging in and visiting the bonus page over a specified time period. These are:

  • 150 Gold Coins every four hours
  • 250 Gold Coins every 12 hours
  • 300 Gold Coins every 24 hours
  • 300 Gold Coins every 32 hours

Players who haven’t logged in for more than 32 hours can claim all the bonuses at once with a convenient ‘claim all’ button.

Players can also purchase Gold Coins from the store bundled with free $weeps Cash. Each bundle provides the following amount of Gold Coins, plus the same amount of $weeps as the USD cost:

  • 4000 Gold Coins + 1.99 in $weeps = $1.99
  • 17,000 Gold Coins + $C4.99 = $4.99
  • 37,000 Gold Coins + $C9.99 = $9.99
  • 80,000 Gold Coins + $C19.99 = $19.99
  • 230,000 Gold Coins + $C49.99 = $49.99
  • 576,000 Gold Coins + $C99.99 = $99.99

Players can use Visa or Mastercard to purchase Gold Coins at Luckyland without fear of banks blocking the transaction. Both options are internationally recognized as safe and secure ways to transfer money online. Most players would appreciate an e-wallet option, such as PayPal, though.

Players should note they need a bank account for withdrawals, which start with a $C50 minimum.


Bettors won’t see many promotions at Luckyland Slots, apart from the occasional offering of more Gold Coins at each point on their price structure.

First-time users get an introductory offer of 70,000 Gold Coins and $C10 for $4.99, which isn’t bad at all. Just don’t expect deposit match, free bets, or loss-return offerings, as their $weeps Cash system makes these kind of promotions difficult to operate.

Luckyland customer support

There’s two ways to contact Luckyland Slots:

Being a social casino, Luckyland manages a fairly active Facebook account. Players can message them there but may need to cooperate with some identity checks before they can receive help.

Luckyland’s email support agent was fairly quick to respond to our query (about 30 minutes).

We were disappointed by the lack of a live chat or Zendesk help option, however.

Licensing and legality

Luckyland is operated by Virtual Gaming Worlds, who hold a Maltese Gaming Authority license.

The small Mediterranean island of Malta is a hub for online gambling. This makes their license one of the most well-known and respected in Europe.

Before playing with $weeps Cash for the first time, Luckyland players must submit a valid U.S. phone number and then input the code received in a text message for verification.

VGW owns two established social gaming sites already, which have been operating openly since 2012. This is adequate proof their dual-currency system makes gambling for USD cash prizes legally possible for U.S. players.

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