Harrah’s Atlantic City

Harrah’s Atlantic City is one of the most popular casinos in New Jersey. Having gone through many upgrades, renovations and additions over the years, it now stands tall off the boardwalk, adjacent to The Borgata. While its location is not ideal for those guests staying on the boardwalk, the features at Harrah’s will make it worth the visit.

Harrah’s properties, in general, do not tend to have the best reputation. For example, the Las Vegas Harrah’s is quite run down and leaves a lot to be desired in just about every way, but the AC location sets the bar much higher.

You will find table games with very fair rules, a sprawling selection of slots, and several towers of hotel rooms. The new tower also includes an indoor pool that is popular for parents and kids during the day, and for clubgoers at night. Ranked as one of the most popular nightclubs in the US, Harrah’s offers more than just gambling.

Hotel rooms

The hotel rooms at Harrah’s AC vary wildly, in size, quality, and price alike. The property did not always have multiple towers, but new additions included the Bayview and Waterfront sections, adjacent to the indoor pool.

If you are staying in the old section of Harrah’s, you will have the Harbor, Marina, and Cove towers to choose from. The Cove towers are the nicest of this group as they are considered suites. Usually, only valued players are given Cove rooms. The completely average guest will most often have a room in either the Marina or Harbor towers.

The Bayview and Waterfront rooms are nice, clean, and modern. They include flat screen TVs, new beds and bathrooms, and a generally first-class environment. The old towers, Harbor and Marina, however, are quite the opposite. Many of these rooms are downright dirty. Your room may smell like anything from cigarettes to mildew and everything in between. These rooms are very old and in much need of renovation. Usually, there will be rooms in either the Waterfront or Bayview towers, so we recommend always asking to be placed in one of these rooms. In fact, if needed, paying for an upgrade would be worth the added cost.

Pools at Harrah’s

The pool at Harrah’s is perhaps its biggest selling point. This is one of the few pools in Atlantic City that can be accessed year round due to its covered dome. Visitors can use the pool during the day and find the typical pool scene, or you can visit at night, where the pool turns into an all-out nightclub. More on the nightclub can be found below.

The pool is ideal for young adults, families, and older visitors alike. If you visit during the summer, you’ll receive the benefits that warm AC has to offer. If you visit in the winter, you’ll still have a chance to be near the water. (And we aren’t talking about the bay!)


The dining at Harrah’s is about average when compared to the general competition in Atlantic City. There is food available 24/7 at Harrah’s AC, depending on what you’re looking for. Some of these restaurants operate on very restricted schedules, so we recommend calling ahead before making any final plans.

High-end eats

  • Martorano’s – This high-end Italian restaurant can be found in a number of different CET properties, including Rio in Las Vegas. It’s a bit pricey for what it has to offer, so if you are going to spend the money, we suggest a different option at Harrah’s.
  • The Steakhouse – The Steakhouse at Harrah’s is one of the best dining experiences that AC has to offer. It is most comparable to Old Homestead at Borgata. It is expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for.
  • McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant – Seafood is popular in AC, and this is Harrah’s answer to the demand. With limited hours, you will need to plan ahead to visit.
  • Oshi – Oshi is a higher end noodle bar at Harrah’s. Every casino has one, and this one is just about the same as the rest. Nothing amazing, but it will do the job.

Low- to mid-level eats

  • Dos Caminos – Dos Caminos is a slightly upscale Mexican restaurant located on the second level of the casino, right up from the escalators near the Diamond Lounge and main casino floor. It is moderately priced, traditional Mexican food.
  • Waterfront Buffet -The Buffet at Harrah’s is very popular, with a line that tends to stretch down the hall. Wait times can be very long, especially during peak hours. Players with Platinum or higher level Total Rewards cards will be able to skip the line.
  • Sammy D’s Restaurant and Bar – Sammy D’s is located across from the pool, in the location where the old cafe used to reside. The hours, again, are limited, and the menu is relatively small as well. It is best known for its bar and bar food.
  • Bill’s Bar and Burger – If you are up late and a bit drunk, Bill’s Bar and Burger is where you will want to stop. A casual, sit down burger restaurant, Bill’s also offers takeout food at reasonable prices.
  • Cafe Tazza – Cafe Tazza is open 24/7, the only food option in Harrah’s that can make this claim. Sandwiches, pastries, and ice cream are the focal point at this choice.
  • Food Court – The food court has undergone a number of changes in recent years. Today, a sub shop, pizza shop, and taco stand are available to choose from. We recommend the sub shop for a quick, fairly priced, on the go option.


The casino at Harrah’s is very, very large and sprawling. There has been a virtually limitless number of changes to the gaming floor at Harrah’s AC, so don’t expect it to be same with each visit. Thousands of slot machines are scattered throughout the floor. A comprehensive video poker section can be found next to the Total Rewards desk.

Table games can be found in the high-limit section as well as the main gaming floor. Tables outside of the bar are where you will find lower limit games and less experienced dealers (and players). Mid-limit games can be found as you shift away from the loud bar scene. For the most part, almost all of the games at Harrah’s AC offer fair rules, but as always, make sure you check payouts before you begin to play.


The nightlife is a major feature at Harrah’s AC. If you notice a large amount of younger visitors, it will all make sense come night time. The Pool After Dark is the nightclub at Harrah’s. The pool is available to everyone for regular use by day, but during the weekend, it turns into a loud and crowded nightclub.

Finding your way into The Pool After Dark can be a struggle simply because of the crowd. If you have a host or other means of cutting the line, we advise taking advantage of this.


Shows at Harrah’s AC, like the majority of Atlantic City, are not a big attraction. You will usually find a handful of unique events per month.

In terms of big-name performers, they are far and few between at Harrah’s. If you want to see bigger acts, your best bet will almost always be to head over to Borgata.


Harrah’s has little to offer in the way of unique attractions unless you count The Pool After Dark. There is a Viking Cooking School located in the new tower, and a standard spa, but there is nothing that sets this casino apart. If you want to do anything beyond drinking and gambling, you will be best served to head to the boardwalk.

VIP and player program

The player reward program at Harrah’s Atlantic City (and other sister AC CET properties including Bally’s and Caesars) is called Total Rewards. This is the same system that you will be able to join if you are an active player at the Harrah’s online casino. Players earn points that correlate with varied player levels. The more points that you earn, the more benefits you will be entitled to.

New players will be classified as Gold tier. (0-4,999 tier credits) From here, the next step is Platinum (5,000-14,999 tier credits). After this, the big jump (15,000 tier points) is to Diamond status. Diamond level is where you will really start to earn truly valuable benefits. The last and highest tier is Seven Stars, which is obtained once a player reached 150,000 tier credits. Needless to say, this is not an easy feat to accomplish, with the required point total being 10x higher than that of Diamond. With that said, however, the benefits included for Seven Stars player are very impressive.

It is worth noting that unlike the lower levels, players must be formally invited to be Seven Stars players. While theoretically a player could be denied Seven Stars status, it is exceedingly rare. The only time this may happen is if CET considers the player to either be an exceptionally low value to the casino or simply an outright advantage player who offers the casino no profit potential.

Using your points and comp dollars

With the Total Rewards program, players use their RCs (Reward Credits) for comp redemption, while TCs (Tier Credits) are used to keep score of your player tier level. RCs can be used at any CET property around the country and are earned at varied rates depending on the games you are playing, with large house edge games like slots and roulette earning RCs the quickest.

Benefits that remain static regardless of your available RCs are varied depending on your player level. Gold and Platinum receive minimal benefits, including small shopping discounts, or cutting certain lines (for Platinum only). Diamond players, however, are eligible for access to the Diamond Lounges at all properties that include complimentary food (and drinks depending on the state), the ability to cut almost every line, early and late checkout, free rooms, and much more.

Seven Stars will receive all of these benefits and more, including $500 in free dinners, free rooms on demand, over $1,000 in flight credits, invites to special events, dinners, and more. Diamond and Seven Stars offer significantly more than the Gold and Platinum levels.

Tips for your visit

Your particular interests will set the tone for your visit to Harrah’s Atlantic City. There is an active bar in the center of the casino where a DJ is on staff almost every night of the week. Loud music is played, and the blackjack tables surrounding this bar are always packed. Beware, though, as the dealers in this “party” area tend to be new and very unskilled. Of course, this may mean some mispays and free money for you as well.

Club goers will want to visit the aforementioned and very popular Pool After Dark. If you are not into the club scene, there is also live music designed for an “older” crowd located near the Diamond Lounge, by the bayside entrance. In addition to this, Harrah’s AC has a popular steakhouse, Mexican restaurant, and well-trafficked buffet.

You will not be right on the beach at Harrah’s AC, but you are just a five-minute ride or Jitney away from the water. With that said, odds are you won’t want to leave. CET as a company may frequently leave much to be desired, but Harrah’s Atlantic City is a bright spot, in both AC and the East Coast as a whole.