Caesars Atlantic City

Caesars Atlantic City is arguably the most well-known casino in all of AC. Located in the middle of the always busy boardwalk, Caesars is a sprawling property with multiple levels.

Its proximity to the beach makes it one of the most popular and most expensive resorts in the town during the summer.

In the winter, it remains busy due to its wide selection of restaurants, clubs, and entertainment options. Caesars Atlantic City is very similar in layout and presentation to its sister property by the same name in Las Vegas.

Caesars AC has multiple towers of hotel rooms and a number of different gaming areas. The upper level, accessible via elevator or escalator, tends to see the most action during peak hours. The table games in the upper section usually run on evenings and weekends, but will frequently be left dormant during non-peak times. In this upper level you’ll also find a selection of slots and video poker machines.

The downstairs level of Caesars is where you will find the bulk of the action. On this floor you’ll be able to play craps, highlimit table games, high limit slots, or visit the popular center bar. The high-limit room in Caesars usually has some of the highest minimum bet sizes in the entire city, generally starting around $100. There is also a separate Asian games section that is located caddy-cornered from the high-limit table games section. The boardwalk is a short walk from anywhere on the main floor.

Hotel rooms

The hotel rooms at Caesars AC vary in quality, just as they do at Caesars Las Vegas. There are several different towers to choose from, including Forum, Centurion, Ocean. There are also miscellaneous suite types. The rooms in the forum tower are the lowest end, while the others will offer a noticeably nicer experience.

Caesars rooms are routinely among the most costly in Atlantic City. This is due to a number of reasons. First, they are one of the longest standing, most well-known brands in gambling as a whole. There is a perception that Caesars equates to higher quality, whether or not it is necessarily true. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay for this branding.

Outside of its name adding cost, Caesars also has the luxury of charging extra for its location. In the middle of the boardwalk, you’re a short walk to the beach and other boardwalk properties alike. In fact, you can reach Bally’s casino without even going outside, as they are interconnected with an escalator next to the Wild Wild West bar.


Caesars has one of the more appealing pools in AC. Until Revel opened (and subsequently closed), Caesars had the most unique pool, sitting atop the roof of the property. They reclaimed the titles of best pool in AC with Revel’s bankruptcy and closure.

The pool is much more of a destination for couples or those looking to party than for families or anyone with small children. You’ll need a wristband to enter the pool at most times, so you will need to be a registered guest in order to obtain access.


Dining at Caesars is not as high end or fancy as you might expect it to be. With that said, there are a number of different options to choose from.

High-end dining at Caesars AC

  • Nero’s Italian Steakhouse – Not the only steakhouse at Caesars, but one with an Italian twist.
  • Morton’s The Steakhouse – A nationwide brand, most are familiar with Morton’s and it is a reliable option at Caesars.
  • Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Playground – Like Morton’s, Phillips is a chain restaurant. Don’t expect the most unique experience in the world, but it is the top seafood choice at Caesars.
  • Buddakan at the Playground – This is the high-end Asian dining option at Caesars.

Casual dining at Caesars AC

  • Palace Court Buffet– Opinions vary, of course, but Caesars AC buffet is oftentimes regarded as among the best in AC.
  • Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill – Gordon Ramsay seems to be in every Caesars Entertainment property, and Caesars AC is no exception. With that said, this restaurant is not the best of his properties.
  • Cafe Roma – Cafe Roma is the place to go for a sit-down dining experience that won’t break the bank.
  • Kwi Noodle House – Standard noodle bar that offers all of the usual casino selections.
  • Tazza – Quick food, best for breakfast or late evening options, including sandwiches and coffee.
  • Souzai Sushi and Sake – If you are in the mood for sushi, you’ll need to visit Souzai. Bordering on high end, it’s a popular destination at Caesars.


The casino at Caesars AC is expansive. It is two levels with every game imaginable offered. It’s worth noting that, while a poker room did at one point exist, it has since been closed and replaced with other gaming.

The upstairs section is where you will usually find lower to mid-limit games. This goes for both machines and table games. During slower hours or off-season times of the year, there is a good chance that many of the upstairs table games will be closed.

The high-limit games, craps, and Asian pit games will all be found on the lower level near the bar. This is also where you will find high-limit slots, in an elevated section adjacent to high-limit table games.

While low- to mid-limit table games are available, Caesars is known to have some of the highest minimum limits in AC. Most of the table games in the high limit room start at $100 per hand, but will sometimes start at $200 minimum when busy.


Outside of a handful of traditional bars, Dusk Nightclub is the hotspot for nightlife action at Caesars AC. The bar located on the lower level may be worth skipping. It’s notorious for its hookers and poor bar top service, so we suggest getting a few drinks from a server while you are playing.


AC is not well known for its shows, but Caesars (as well as Borgata) are the top two destinations for headliner events. You’ll find shows like Cirque du Soleil as well as popular musicians and comedians on Caesars’ monthly show listings. There aren’t usually any house performers, so we suggest checking the show schedule at the time of your visit.


The main attraction at Caesars is simply found in its décor and atmosphere. There are no special attractions worth noting or that would be considered “must see” on the property.

VIP & player rewards program

At Caesars, players will be able to use the same card that they use at other CET locations like Bally’s and Harrahs. Your points and tier score will cross over from property to property and they can be used and earned at the same time. Though unproven, many loyal TR members believe that Caesars Entertainment tends to rate play at a more favorable pace if you stick to one property per trip. This is an unconfirmed belief, however, and your points earned will generally depend primarily on the types of games that you are playing.

Obtaining a players card for Caesars AC is both free and easy. There is a Total Rewards center located on the gaming floor. Here players can obtain a new card or have a prior card reprinted. There are also kiosks located throughout the property where you will be able to swipe your card to see your tier score as well as your available reward credits (comp dollars) and promotional offers.

Using your points and comp dollars

To use your earned reward credits (oftentimes referred to as RCs), you only need your ID. Reward credits can be redeemed for hotel stays, room charges, restaurant charges, and at stores on the property. Be sure to ask before you plan to spend money to make sure that any particular restaurant or shop accepts your comps in lieu of cash payment.

Tier credits are earned independently from your reward credits. They are used to measure your player level. 0-4,999 points are Gold level, 5,000-14,999 are Platinum tier, and 15,000-149,999 are Diamond. After this, players will be eligible for the highest Caesars player level, Seven Stars. Benefits for players begin to greatly increase once Diamond status is achieved. Some of the most notable benefits include the ability to skip virtually all lines (cab, check in, restaurants), preferred rooms, early and late check out, free dinner vouchers, and frequent promotions. Each player will receive offers relative to their individual average play. Everyone within a tier is not treated as an equal value.

Tips for your visit

As mentioned earlier, the décor and general vibe of Caesars Atlantic City is very similar to that of Caesars Las Vegas. You’ll be able to eat at many of the same restaurants, stay in rooms of similar design and quality, and you should expect the same level of service.

The best time to visit this property depends on time of year. Its prime location next to the beach means it’s very expensive during the summer months. If you don’t care about this, we recommend staying somewhere else and simply walking to Caesars. In the winter months, however, you will be able to find great deals on rooms at Caesars which will make your stay much more economically viable.