Borgata Atlantic City

Any experienced visitor to Atlantic City will tell you that Borgata is the premier casino resort in town.

Though Revel tried (and failed) to compete with Borgata’s quality, no competitor has been able to steal its market share since they first opened over a decade ago. The casino is known for its massive poker room. It’s one of the biggest on the East Coast, with high limit table games, and a first-class experience.

Borgata is where you’ll go if you want to experience the best in dining, entertainment, and gambling alike. Other casinos in Atlantic City certainly have their share of performers and guests, but Borgata is best known for its headline singers and performers, like Jerry Seinfeld, who makes regular appearances. The event center hosts everything from singers to poker tournaments to conventions and everything in between.

Outside of the gambling and entertainment, Borgata is also well known for its hotel rooms. Though the property itself is relatively new, especially when compared to other AC casinos, it’s already seen renovations and improvements.

In recent years, hallways and rooms were redecorated to give the hotel a more modern and classy feel. Old TVs were replaced with larger, more modern versions, and rooms were redesigned. Borgata remains the leader in hotel room quality within Atlantic City.

Hotel Rooms

The hotel rooms at Borgata are broken down into two different towers. The first tower was built when the casino originally launched. It routinely saw full capacity and a need for a second tower was evident. This second, slightly newer and more upscale tower is named The Water Club.

The Water Club is located nearest to the poker room and the surface parking lot. The main tower is located adjacent to the parking garage and valet. During certain times of the year, namely during off-peak seasons, The Water Club will have a number of rooms that are closed. This is usually for renovations and upgrades that are completed when the property is not as heavily trafficked.

In terms of room quality and cost differential, The Water Club is only marginally better. The lobby area of The Water Club is nicer and features more security, but the perception of luxury does not match up with reality. In size, rooms are about the same, and suites can be obtained in either tower. One of the only real benefits to choosing The Water Club would be the exclusive access to the pools located on this side of the resort. Of course, if you’re visiting any time other than the summer, this benefit of the outdoor pool is meaningless, but you’ll still have access to the indoor pool.

Compared to the rest of Atlantic City, with the exception of Revel (when operating), Borgata has what are generally considered the nicest accommodations available. They tend to be generous with discounted or comped rooms to frequent visitors as well.


There are a number of different pools to choose from at Borgata. The Water Club has two pools that only guests of this tower have access to. One is outdoor and one is indoor. All guests are able to visit the Borgata outdoor pool, but it’s only open for a handful of months throughout the year.

In addition to typical outdoor pools, Borgata also has a lap pool located at their Immersion Spa. In order to access this pool you must either be visiting the spa or be staying in The Water Club tower.

The last pool at Borgata is named “The Indoor Pool & Gardens” and is, as stated, indoor. This location is open year round with varied hours. The aim of The Gardens area is much more for relaxation than it is for parties like you might find at some casinos.


Borgata is best described as having two extremely different types of dining options. You can either visit a very high-end restaurant or make a quick stop at the food court located downstairs below the poker room. There isn’t a whole lot to choose from, outside of their cafe, when it comes to moderately priced sit-down food.

High-End Dining

Angeline – Angeline is one of two Italian restaurants at Borgata. For most guests, this location is a slight step down from its Italian counterpart, Fornelletto.

Bobby Flay Steak – Bobby Flay is one of two steakhouses at Borgata. Not quite as high end as Old Homestead, this restaurant has a bit more of a chain feel to it.

Izakaya – Izakaya is a moderately high-end noodle and sushi bar located in the Asian pit games area. It’s generally the least expensive among the high-end restaurants at Borgata.

Fornelletto – Fornelletto is the second Italian option at Borgata. It’s frequently full and we suggest calling ahead to make a reservation before visiting. Needless to say, this full capacity is indicative of its quality. This is the spot to go for an extensive wine and cocktail selection.

Old Homestead Steak House – Old Homestead is a staple at Borgata, having been around for years. One of the only restaurants with an actual dress code, we advise calling ahead.

Wolfgang Puck – Located adjacent to The Water Club, there are different menus at Wolfgang Puck depending on when you visit. Less crowded than Angeline or Old Homestead, you will usually be able to walk up and be seated without a wait.

Casual Dining

Bread and Butter – Quick breakfast and late-night food located amid the primary slots section.

The Buffet – The buffet at Borgata is most comparable to what you’ll find at Harrahs. It’s around the same price, but we suggest looking for discounts as they are frequently available.

The Metropolitan – The Metropolitan is a cafe, diner-style restaurant with a comprehensive menu that spans several pages. Unlike a diner, you can easily walk away with a large bill. Of course, Borgata is noted for being high end, so this comes with the territory. The Metropolitan is located next to the escalator to the event center.

Food Court – The food court is open, effectively, 24/7. Not every restaurant will be open this late, but you will be able to find something. The options here change frequently, with cheesteaks, pizza, and burgers being the long time mainstays.

Borgata Casino

There is no question about it, Borgata is the most luxurious casino in Atlantic City. There really isn’t any property that comes close. With that said, you will not be forced to play high-limit games exclusively. In fact, Borgata oftentimes has lower high-limit minimums than you’ll find at Caesars.

The game selection, rules, and slot volume at Borgata are exceptional. If there is one lacking element, it would be the less-than-stellar high-limit slots area (located near the main lobby). Other than this, you will be able to find the game and limit of your desire, just about any time of the day.

The high-limit table games room at Borgata is known for its big action. From scandals to big wins, this room has seen it all. The crowd and bet sizing will flux heavily, but expect to find $100 minimums on at least a few of the tables. The staff can be hit or miss, and the clientele can be as well, but the drink service is among the best in AC.

Nightlife at the Borgata

Borgata is known as the second most premier nightlife destination in Atlantic City, behind only Harrah’s Pool After Dark. As is the case at all clubs, the schedule changes, so be sure to check what’s open before you plan a visit.

At one point there were two different, Las Vegas-style nightclubs operating simultaneously at Borgata, but this is no longer the case. Currently there is just one club which has recently been renamed Premier Nightclub. It’s located near The Water Club entrance, and when it’s open, you won’t be able to miss the line or the noise.

There is also the Gypsy Bar, B Bar, and Borgata Beer Garden. These are more like typical bars than they are nightclubs. The B Bar is a good place to visit if you want to watch a sporting event with a crowd, though you may sometimes be charged to sit at the tables.


Borgata is the king of the hill in Atlantic City for shows and performers alike. Whether you want to see a big name DJ at the nightclub, a popular comedian, or band in the event center, Borgata has many headliners.

The event center plays host to well known bands and comedians, including names like Jerry Seinfeld. The nightclub has DJs from around the world, much like their competition at Harrah’s. There are no house headliners, but there are routine comedy shows if you do not need to see an A-list performer.


Outside of its top-of-the-line, high-end experience and ambiance, Borgata does not have any noteworthy attractions. Located nearest to Harrah’s and several minutes from the boardwalk, you’ll need to drive or take a cab to reach the rest of Atlantic City.

VIP & Player program

The players reward program at Borgata is exceptionally simple. When compared to any casino in just about the entire country, Borgata’s “My Borgata” program is as basic and easy to understand as it gets. Instead of multiple levels with many different tiers and requirements, My Borgata instead only has two options.

You are either a Red Label or Black Label player. There is nothing in between. Earning Black Label status is roughly equivalent to earning Diamond status at the neighboring Harrah’s Casino. In fact, if you already have a Diamond card, you can bring it to the players reward center and an employee will match your status so that you automatically have a black card. This is a benefit that most casinos do not offer.

The Amphora Lounge at Borgata is their version of the Diamond Lounge available at CET properties. With that said, most consider the Amphora Lounge to be of significantly higher quality. Players with a Black Label card will be able to enter the Amphora Lounge along with one guest. Inside you’ll be able to eat and drink, alcohol included, as much as you would like at no cost. This is one of the most popular benefits among Black Label card owners.

Players who have Black Label status will also be able to cut lines, earn free parking, have access to free room upgrades and discounted room rates, as well as discounts on purchases. Since the Black Label is such an all-encompassing card, it will be in your best interest to contact your personal host in order to see what other benefits and offers you may be eligible for.

Using your points and comp dollars

Comp dollars at Borgata are earned separately from your tier score that assigns your player level. Comps tend to be earned more quickly at Borgata than at many other casinos. In our experience, the floor people tend to rate play at a higher pace. This in turn means that you will earn more comp dollars to spend.

Your comp dollars can be tracked by logging into your player account online, swiping your card at one of the machines on the floor, or by visiting the player reward center near the main entrance. Comp dollars at Borgata can be used on food, hotel stays, and shopping. Note that some dining options may charge higher than a 1:1 rate for your comps. Be sure to check that you’re not spending 2x your comps when they are being used.

Tips for your visit

Borgata is located off the boardwalk and beach in Atlantic City. While it sits next to Harrah’s, it’s not a destination that most will walk to. Golden Nugget is also nearby, but this is also best reached via cab or jitney. With all of that said, many of Borgata’s guests do not tend to leave the property very frequently since it is the best that AC has to offer.

Borgata is known for being very high end. We recommend visiting one or more of the restaurants. Bobby Flay, Old Homestead Steakhouse and Wolfgang Puck are just a few of the top-of-the-line dining options to choose from. The walkway to the Water Club hotel tower also features many shopping stores, again focused on higher end brands. Between the gaming floor, the dining, and the hotel rooms themselves, the luxury at Borgata is hard to beat.