Bally’s Atlantic City

Bally’s Atlantic City is one of three properties within the city under management by Caesars Entertainment. It has one of the most prime locations in AC, right in the middle of the boardwalk.

While the prime location of Bally’s is not as relevant during the fall and winter months, it causes room rates and traffic levels to skyrocket from late spring into summer. It’s located so close to Caesars that you can actually reach the sister property without ever going outside. A few steps toward the escalator and you’ll be able to easily bounce back and forth from Caesars to Bally’s.

Bally’s is not known for its luxury or class. In fact, it’s quickly becoming one of the more outdated properties in Atlantic City. They have made minimal efforts to improve the overall environment and décor, but Bally’s is still well behind the competition. As a result, you’ll be able to find very reasonable room rates at Bally’s for the majority of the year. The suites are decent, and some of the newer regular rooms are more modernized, but you shouldn’t expect the world when staying at Bally’s.

In terms of what the casino has to offer outside of the typical gaming and hotel options, there isn’t much to write about. There is a larger than usual Asian games section that allows for free hands in baccarat, which is generally difficult to find in Atlantic City. Outside of this, the casino is run of the mill in every sense of the word. With that said, AC is not a huge town, so it’s an ideal spot if you want an ideal room rate and location with the ability to easily access other casinos.

Hotel rooms

There are three different towers at Bally’s Atlantic City: Bally’s Tower, Dennis Tower, and Jubilee Tower. They are not terribly different from one another, but they do scale in quality in the order listed. If you’re visiting at any non-peak time, simply asking for an upgrade will usually earn you a room in one of the nicer towers.

Bally’s frequently promotes its very competitive room rates. Given its location on the boardwalk, this casino is a top choice during the summer months. Even throughout the rest of the year, however, Bally’s remains popular because of its proximity to all of the other hotels in AC.

No matter which tower or room type you’re staying in, Bally’s is not going to provide what most would consider a “luxury” experience. Yes, many of the rooms have been renovated and improved in recent years, but they do not compete with the offerings at Borgata or the newer towers at Harrah’s. As is usually the case, you will get what you pay for at Bally’s.


The best answer to Bally’s pool is, unfortunately, a simple “no.” It could be argued that the pool here is the worst in Atlantic City. Beyond this, unlike the majority of hotel/casinos, there is only one pool to choose from. As a result, you’ll be stuck with a wide mix of guests, from families with children to senior citizens and everything in between.

If you’re just looking to swim for a bit, this is fine. But the best comparison to Bally’s pool is your local neighborhood pool. This is definitely not a party spot nor a high-end spa.

Dining options at Bally’s

In a recurring theme at Bally’s, the dining is subpar. You will not find what most would consider high-end dining in any shape or form. You will find casual and quick dining, but not a whole lot else. Bally’s isn’t designed for luxury, and its restaurants make this abundantly clear.

  • Guy Fieri’s Chophouse – Guy Fieri’s Chophouse is the most promoted restaurant at Bally’s. It’s not expensive, but it is the most expensive option to be found here. Perhaps surprisingly, you will oftentimes need to call ahead for a reservation.
  • Buca Di Beppo – Buca Di Beppo is a chain Italian restaurant. It’s most well known for its exceptionally large portion sizes and family-style serving, so this would be a great choice for a crowd that is very hungry.
  • Noodle Village – Noodle Village is a typical casino noodle bar. It’s located right next to the high limit and Asian pit games sections. The cost is very minimal and is arguably the best value at Bally’s. If you’re playing at table games, we suggest asking a floor person for a comp when you visit.

Quick food options

There are a handful of different quick food options at Bally’s that change with regularity. Expect to find coffee, sandwiches, and burgers as available choices if you’re on the go.


The casino at Bally’s has its positives and negatives. It’s not the largest floor space, nor is it the newest. With that said, they do have all of the standard games that you would expect to find, and it’s oftentimes less busy than other casinos.

One unique and appealing aspect of Bally’s is the fact that they have a very large high limit and Asian games section. These two areas are merged into one large room toward the back of the casino (when considering the lobby the front). You’ll be hard pressed to find a casino in AC with a more comprehensive selection of high-limit Asian games like baccarat and pai gow than you will at Bally’s.


For the most part, there isn’t really any nightlife to speak of at Bally’s. There are no nightclubs. There are a few video poker bars scattered throughout the main gaming area, but they’re not very large and quickly fill to capacity.

The Wild Wild West section at Bally’s, located right on the boardwalk, is the most popular nighttime area in the casino. The crowd ranges in age, but you can be assured that almost everyone in attendance will be drinking heavily. The Wild Wild West bar is especially popular due to its frequent drink specials that are hard to match anywhere else, in AC or otherwise.


Outside of events that cater to holidays, there’s not much in the way of shows at Bally’s. You may find the random performer from time to time, but there are no house shows, performers, or headliners except on very rare occasions.


The Wild Wild West bar would be the only part of Bally’s that could be regarded as an attraction. With that said, there is not a whole lot to see here. As a whole, Bally’s is simply an average to below-average casino that does not pride itself on any level of bells and whistles.

VIP & player program

The player program at Bally’s is part of Total Rewards and utilizes the same card and player account that you will use at Caesars, Harrah’s and any other CET casino throughout the country. Though Bally’s used to give away $10 in free play to new members of their VIP program, this is no longer the case. You will simply receive a card which can be used to track your status both at the casino and remotely via phone or your online account.

Players start as gold members in the Total Rewards program. Once 5,000 tier points are reached, platinum status is awarded. From here, the next status level is diamond, achieved at 15,000 points. The next, and final available status is called Seven Stars. This level is 10x tougher to reach than diamond, requiring 150,000 tier points within one year of play.

The best way to quickly elevate your level within the Total Rewards program is to take advantage of promotional offers. There will be many hours and days where TR players are able to earn multiple times what they normally would. These are called multiplier days. For example, you may receive an email or mailer notifying you that “On Wednesday, November 15th, you’ll be able to earn 3x tier points on all play.” This means that if you generate 1,000 tier points, the multiplier would end up netting you 3,000 points. This effectively gives you 2,000 points for free. It’s important to remember that you must swipe your card at one of the TR kiosk machines located throughout the casino in order to activate your TR points multiplier. If you forget to do this, your play will be rated at the normal pace.

Using your points and comp dollars

Tier points are earned on a fluent schedule, resetting on an annual basis. Tier points do not have an actual value. They are only used to track your current status level within the Total Rewards program.

Reward Credits, usually referenced as “RCs” are what you will be able to use as comp dollars. They are worth the equivalent of $1 for every 100 points. In other words, 1,100 reward credits could be used as $11 in cash at stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. Not all places that accept cash within Bally’s also accept your comps as payment. Just make sure to ask if comps can be used before you decide to make a purchase.

Tips for your visit

One of the biggest selling points for Bally’s is definitely its location. We highly recommend making the short walk to Caesars if you’re staying at Bally’s, if only to check it out. Plus, they are both under the Total Rewards umbrella, meaning your play at each casino will be earned in tandem.

Perhaps the most popular feature in Bally’s, especially among the younger crowd, is the Wild Wild West Bar. The bar is located right off the boardwalk, near the escalators to Caesars. At this bar you’ll find a number of specials on liquor and beer alike. Outside of comped drinks at the tables, these are the best priced alcoholic options on the boardwalk. Beers can usually be had for $1-$3 depending on the brand. (And they’re served in very large cups!) The bar staff here tends to be very friendly. The scene is very active, with music always playing. You’re sure to have a good time. Young, old, or somewhere in between, we highly recommend checking out the Wild Wild West Bar at Bally’s.