Aria was built in 2009 as part of the City Center project. This massive, multi-faceted construction project is located on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Aria is part of the MLife group of properties operated by MGM Resorts International. While each MLife property offers something unique to players and visitors, Aria is certainly one of the more luxurious.

Aria’s Background

Before the opening of Aria, the Bellagio attracted guests in search of fine dining, high limit gambling, and other luxuries. Located on the same side of the Strip a few buildings south, Aria now competes with the Bellagio for those in search of a similar style and action. Because Las Vegas is a dynamic city, one might argue that Aria has surpassed its older sister property in terms of modernization. (A decade or so is like a generation on the Strip.)

Guests of the 4,000+ room hotel will find many 21st-century comforts in their accommodations. Every room at Aria is fitted with digital controls. The touch of a tablet screen controls curtains and adjusts music or TV volume. It even links to room service menus and replaces the traditional information book found in most hotel rooms. Additionally, information on attractions and restaurants can be accessed with a couple touches of a tablet.

Casino Gaming at Aria

Aria’s 150,000 sq. ft. gaming floor is home to all of the popular games Vegas travelers have come to expect. You’ll find games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, and Pai Gow.

The casino is also host to one of the more prominent poker rooms. Most noteworthy is a special high limit poker room called Ivey’s Room, named after famous poker player Phil Ivey. Between the poker room and main casino floor is Aria’s sports book. The sports book comes complete with luxury-box type stadium seating, a wall of big screen projections, and dozens of TV monitors.

While $10,000 wager limits are posted on table games throughout the property, players can often find $15 minimums. A similar story exists with the casino’s many slot machines. Players can also enjoy slot or video poker spins for $1 or less. For those willing to risk thousands of dollars on a spin, Aria is also a great place for high limit machines as well.

Online Gaming at Aria

One of Vegas’s most modern casinos would not be complete without an online aspect. Mobile check-in at the hotel is just the beginning. Visitors can also  fund mobile sports betting accounts and place wagers from anywhere within the State of Nevada through the PlayMGM application.

Simply download the free app from the respective Apple App Store or Google Play. Then head to the Aria sports book to get started. With only a few small exceptions (parlay cards, buying ½ points, contests, and pari-mutuel wagering), any wager can be made via the app just like at the physical counter.

Mobile gaming fans can enjoy Pop! Slots, MyVegas Slots, and MyVegas Blackjack. These games can be played for free from anywhere. Best of all, playing will earn real rewards like rooms, meals, and show tickets. Additionally, while visiting an MGM property and connected to wifi, EasyPlay offers mobile gaming tournaments with real cash prizes.

Aria Player Rewards

Aria is part of MLife, MGM Resort’s international loyalty program. Simply signing up to be an MLife member provides rewards. The benefits of MLife include savings on travel, access to entertainment pre-sales, and preferred partnerships with other companies.

Like many casino loyalty programs, MLife is divided into tier levels. As a result, members (who do not necessarily have to be gamblers) start out at the lowest or Sapphire level. They can quickly work their way up to Pearl and up through the rankings by spending money at the hotel, spa or restaurants, or by gambling at MLife resorts.

Furthermore, each MGM property offers unique MLife Moments. By calling the concierge at Aria, MLife members can arrange to go on a behind-the-scenes tour. You’ll start with breakfast and end with lunch at Jean Philippe Patisserie, and see a lot in between.