Wild Wolf Slot Review

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Wild Wolf is a mystical-animal-themed slot game from International Gaming Technologies.

British-founded developers IGT have been supplying slots for US physical venues and online casinos for over 20 years.

In many ways, Wild Wolf is typical of their simpler slot games.

Game manufacturer:IGT
Number of paylines:50
Game theme:Wolves. Mystical
RTP:92.99 – 94.97%
Min/Max bet:$0.01 – $90 per spin
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:No
Maximum standard win:$3000
Free spins:Yes, in extendable
lots of 5.

Themes & visuals

Wild Wolf is based around the titular wolves, with a dash of Native American mysticism added in.

The whole experience is quite relaxing for a slot and worked out as a nice choice of theme overall.

There are two sets of icons in Wild Wolf. One is for the standard reels and for the bonus free spins game, while the second is essentially the same but with the images flipped and colored differently.

There are the standard slots icons of J, K, 9 and 10. On top of that, you get lupine-themed icons such as:

  • Brown Wolf
  • Black Wolf
  • Wolf Howling at the Moon
  • Native American Totems

Wild Wolf’s backing music is a sort of Brian-Eno-style spacy, ambient track. It’s not bad at all, and it’s easily blended into the background while spinning the reels.

Other sounds included traditional style drums and clicks as well as howling wolves. As slot games go, this one is rather atmospheric – although this might come down to personal taste.

Betting options & paying combinationsWild Wolf Interface

Wild Wolf is a fifty-payline, five-reel game with fully customizable lines.

This means the minimum bet starts at $0.01, for those willing to play with only one line. Penny slots players will be happy with that.

The maximum bet can still be quite high. With all fifty lines, the top bet per line is $1, making an expected maximum wager of $50.

A slightly higher option is available for players who experiment with the payline numbers.

At 30 paylines, the maximum per line bet is upped to $3. This means the true highest wager is $90.

This isn’t the highest you’ll find in online slots. It is a reasonable amount, nonetheless.

The highest payout possible on a standard symbol is 500x your per-line bet. That makes for a maximum of $1500 winnable on one line. This doesn’t count Wilds, and many lines can be won on one spin.

The Return-to-Player, or RTP, on Wild Wolf is 92.99 – 94.97%. Even on the higher end, this is relatively low compared to many slot games available online.

What about the jackpots?

There are none to be found here.

Considering today’s modern slot marketplace, not having any kind of designated jackpot hurts Wild Wolf’s chances of staying at the head of the pack.

Additional features & bonus roundsWild Wolf Playtable

Wild Wolf features one Wild icon, one scatter, and one bonus round. That’s not an extensive set of features, although some players may find the simplicity appealing.

1. Wild Symbols

There’s only one Wild symbol in this game – two if you count the same symbol mirrored on the bonus reels.

They are standard Wild symbols – they replace any other symbol to form a winning line.

Sometimes Wild symbols can appear in a stack on the main reels. This means they take up one whole reel, which can lead to multiple payline wins.

Wild Symbols are also the highest paying symbols when they form a winning line by themselves. They go as follows:

  • 3 Wilds = 50x your line bet
  • 4 Wilds = 100x line bet
  • 5 = 1000x

That makes for a maximum bet prize of $3000 on any one line.

2. Scatter

Wild Wolf includes only one scatter – a Bonus symbol with a furry pawprint on it.

Pull three of these in the central three reels on which they appear, and you’ll unlock the bonus round. You’ll get 2x your maximum bet as well.

It doesn’t matter where the scatter symbols appear or whether they make a payline. You still get the bonus and the prize.

3. Bonus Rounds

Wild Wolf PlaylinesWild Wolf’s bonus round is a free spins game on a separate but not entirely different set of reels.

You initially receive five free spins on these color-changed reels. Should you pull three more Bonus symbols during your free spins, you’ll get 2x your overall bet and another five free spins to add to the round.

Each spin is made with the same maximum wager you had down on the spin that triggered the bonus.

As an added extra, the stacked Wilds feature occurs more often on these bonus reels, meaning big multiple line wins are definitely possible here.

Who is Wild Wolf ideal for?

Penny slots players will enjoy this game as bets can be adjusted in a wide range of sizes.

Beginner or new slots fans may also find appeal in the simplicity of this IGT title.

The whole theme is quite relaxing too, which could be an attraction for players who dislike the over-the-top and busy gameplay of many slots.

Similar games by IGT

Wolves are a popular and classic choice of theme for slot developers, so fans of the wild canines may find many titles to their liking online.

Just a few from IGT include Wolf Run: Mega Jackpots, Wolf Rising, and Wolf Run: Hot Roulette.

What’s hot?

Engaging Theme: This may come down to personal taste, but we enjoyed the aesthetics and sound design on Wild Wolf. Something about them was absorbing and relaxing.

Overall, a surprisingly fun take on a fairly common theme.

Wild Wolf Playlines 1Fully Customizable Paylines: This is always a highly useful tool for players who like their own custom bet sizes. With 50 paylines and a range of line-bets to play with, bettors should be able to wager exactly the way they want on Wild Wolf.

What’s Not?

No Jackpots: Without a big-money designated prize and a fairly low RTP, Wild Wolf certainly doesn’t feel like the biggest paying game on the market right now.

Not Too Many Features: With only one bonus round and one scatter, Wild Wolf doesn’t have a huge amount of depth to it.

The stacked Wilds are a decent addition. However, compared to games offering those on top of other Wild features and more variety in the bonus rounds, Wild Wolf might not have enough to keep up.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design – 2.5/5: Wild Wolf’s graphics aren’t too visually impressive with fancy animations and effects. However, we found the overall theme somewhat captivating. Custom paylines are great too, but the fairly low RTP and lack of depth let this title down.
  • Sound effects – 3/5: Contributing to the strong theme is the music. Decent for a standard slot title track, it made for an effective background to the gameplay.
  • Jackpot value – 0/5: With no sign-posted big money prize in sight, and a top standard reel win of $20,000, Wild Wolf was always going to get a zero here.
  • Replay value – 1.5/5: Players who enjoy the theme might find a reason to come back, as may penny slots players. Other than that, most bettors will go through all Wild Wolf has to offer fairly quickly.