Triple Cash Wheel Slots Review


Triple Cash Wheel is a 60-line, five-reel slot from Nevada’s Bally Technologies, a developer that has been part of the Scientific Games family since 2014. Triple Cash Wheel is a retro title with fairly standard slot symbols and gameplay. However, it changes things up by offering three sets of reels in one – each with its own paylines and scatter symbols.

Game manufacturer:Bally
Number of paylines:60
Game theme:Retro, Classic
Min/Max bet:$1 – $100
Maximum standard win:$150,000
Free spins:Yes, 10

Themes & visuals

If you’ve played slots before or even just seen one in a movie, you’ll be familiar with the overall look and feel of this game.

Cherries, Bars, Bells, and Hot 7s are all comfortable and recognizable symbols. Bally definitely went for familiarity rather than innovation with the visual theme here.

Triple Cash Wheel’s audio is typical, too. Ringing bells, bouncy euro-techno-pop during winning rounds, and futuristic zoom sounds signaling a bonus – all standard casino slot machine sounds.

If you’re looking for a slot that is aesthetically in your comfort zone, Triple Cash Wheel might just be the one for you.

Betting options & paying combinations

Triple Cash Wheel has 60 lines separated over three sets of reels that all spin at once. Thus, the playing area is slightly more elongated than on a normal slot. This looks a little weird on a desktop, but it works very well on a mobile device.

Players can bet anywhere between $1 and $100 per spin, with no options to bet per line or change the number of paylines. This a relatively small range for a slot from Bally, and $100 per spin might not be high enough for high-budget players.

There is also no auto-spin feature. Considering the retro and simplistic theme of Triple Cash Wheel, this is a glaring omission that dedicated slots players might feel aggrieved to miss out on.

Lastly, the RTP (Return-to-Player) on Triple Cash Wheel is 95.21%. This is in the middle for RTPs of Bally games, but not quite as high as some of the biggest slots on the market.

What about the jackpots?

There are no prizes specifically labeled as jackpots in Triple Cash Wheel. However, should you pull the 150,000x bonus on the Bonus Wheel after a $100 bet, prizes can get high. The stated maximum for any one game of Triple Cash Wheel is $250,000, and it’s eminently possible using the Bonus Wheel.

Additional features & bonus rounds

Triple Cash Wheel features one Bonus Wheel round with two steps and a free spin round that can be accessed via the Bonus Wheel. On the other hand, it only offers one Wild symbol and one scatter symbol, Quick Hit, which puts this title firmly on the lower end of the scale for its extra features and bonus rounds.

1. Wild SymbolsTriple Cash Wheel

There’s only one Wild symbol, which is instantly recognizable as it says “Wild.” As usual, it stands in for any other symbol to form a winning line. This title does not offer extra rounds where Wild symbols are scattered across the reels, and there’s no more depth to what this icon does.

2. Scatter

There’s only one scatter symbol in Triple Cash Wheel – the Quick Hit. It’s simple – pull more than three Quick Hits in any one of the three reel sections to win a prize, as follows:

  • 3 Quick Hits = 1x total bet
  • 4 = 3x total bet
  • 5 = 6x total bet
  • 6 = 30x total bet
  • 7 = 60x total bet
  • 8 = 400x total bet
  • 9 = 1500x total bet

During our test run, three Quick Hits came up relatively often. In about two hours of play, the most we pulled was five Quick Hits in one section of the reels. As you can see, though, pulling nine Quick Hits unlocks the potential for a $150,000 win at the maximum bet. This adds another route to the many ways to win big in Triple Cash Wheel.

3. Bonus Rounds

To access Triple Cash Wheel’s bonus round, you must fill all three “Ca$h Wheel” symbols at the top of the reels in on one spin. Complete this, and you will unlock a new screen with 21 hidden icons. Underneath each one will be one of four choices. These are:

  • One Spin 1x
  • One Spin 3x
  • Three Spins 1x
  • Three Spins 3x

Triple Cash Wheel bonus 2Match three of any one symbol to trigger the Bonus Wheel round, with what you pulled on the table denoting the number of spins and the multiplier you receive.

Three spins with a 3x multiplier give the best shot at a big win, but the other prizes are worthwhile too. The Wheel, as pictured below, contains multipliers starting at 300x and going up to 150,000x your original stake. However, before you get too excited – your stake is multiplied by 0.05 first.

This could still lead to wins in the millions, but Bally capped any individual win in this game at $250,000. This is still a big prize by any stretch, but not quite as big as you might expect with a 150,000x multiplier on offer.

The Bonus Wheel also offers a prize of ten free spins on the main reels, with all your wins multiplied by three.

Who is this game ideal for?

Triple Cash Wheel is ideal for players who like retro-style slots and prefer simpler games that don’t take hours of investment to understand all the scatter symbols and bonus rounds. However simple it may be, Triple Cash Wheel also offers a lot for players who enjoy multiple routes to potential prizes.

On the other hand, the fairly low maximum bet of $100 and the lack of auto spin functionality may detract from this title’s appeal to the most dedicated and high-budget slots players.

Similar games by Bally

Hot Shot Progressive and Quick Hit Super Wheel: Wild Red are just two vintage-themed slots from Bally. The classic American style has always been popular amongst slots players, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find many similar titles to Triple Cash Wheel online.

For fans of the wheel mechanic, the Anchorman slot is highly rated by us and may also be worth a look.

What’s hot?Triple Cash Wheel (Table)

Retro Familiarity: The classic look of Triple Cash Wheel is one of its biggest draws. For old-school players who enjoy this slot style, Triple Cash Wheel should be a great pick.

Many Ways to Win Big: With at least three routes to winning over $100,000 in prizes, there are many prize-winning combinations to pull in this title, which is always a plus point.

Nice & Simple: While this might not appeal to everyone, there is something to be said for a slot game that isn’t overly complicated, especially a retro-inspired title like Triple Cash Wheel. On the other hand, Bally has mostly avoided the pitfall of keeping things too simple.

What’s not?

Generic Sound Effects: While many players might get a nostalgia kick out of this title, we were not a fan of the music or sound effects in Triple Cash Wheel. There are ways to nail the retro vibe without being bland, and this game is not an example of that.

Little Symbol Variety: With only one wild and one scatter symbol on the main reels, Bally’s game may be relatively simple to play, but it has a lower chance of engaging experienced slots players for a long time.

Relatively Low Maximum Bet & No Auto Spin: Many Bally games allow players to bet up to $400 a spin or more, so the $100 offer here is comparatively low. The lack of auto spins and line customization functionality may also put off more experienced players from taking a chance on Triple Cash Wheel.

Final Rating

  • Graphics and design – 3/5: This depends largely on personal preference. However, we can’t deny that the bonus game is objectively well-designed, and the whole package is animated smoothly.
  • Sound effects – 1/5: We weren’t a fan. Even trying to look at it objectively, the music and sound effects here are generic at best and mildly annoying at worst. Unless you absolutely love cliched video game music, we doubt you’ll be impressed by the sounds in Triple Cash Wheel.
  • Jackpot value – 3/5: This game doesn’t offer a jackpot. However, with the potential for 1500x your bet on just the main reels and 150,000x your stake on the Bonus Wheel, there are big prizes available. Why Bally didn’t label them as outright jackpots is a mystery to us.
  • Replay value – 2.5/5: There’s only one bonus game here, but it includes two parts and four different variations. The potential for big wins also helps, so we have no qualms giving Triple Cash Wheel a solid middle-of-the-pack score on this one.