Super Monopoly Money Slot Review


WMS (Williams Interactive), a subsidiary of Scientific Games, boasts a sizable catalog of Monopoly-themed slot games for both land-based casinos and online players. Super Monopoly Money is one of their most advanced looking Monopoly games that features a nice design, bold graphics, slick animations, and robust bonus features.

Like WMS’ other Monopoly slots, Super Monopoly Money brings the fun and excitement of the Monopoly board game to the reels with added bonuses and features that are only possible with an advanced video slot game. Despite its terrific appearance, Super Monopoly Money can fall short in the payouts department, though.

Game manufacturer:WMS
Number of paylines:25
Game theme:Monopoly
Min/Max bet:0.35 / 105.00
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:Yes
Coin denominations:0.01
Maximum standard win:1,500
Maximum jackpot win:75,000
Free spins:Up to 15

Theme and visuals

The Super Monopoly Money reels are set against a backdrop of the Eifel Tower in Paris and the Big Ben in London with a river lying in between. It doesn’t really make sense, but it looks good enough. The colors are bright, the graphics are crisp and nicely rendered, and the game console looks fresh and current. There are also plenty of animations for added flair.

The reels are filled with your favorite Monopoly characters and tokens with a host of special symbols added to the reels. Jackpot symbols are the most valuable, with a whopping jackpot payout of $75,000 if you hit five matching jackpot symbols playing with the maximum bet.

Other valuable symbols include Wild symbols, the Mr. Monopoly (Monopoly Man) character, a tycoon, a Scottie dog character, buses, taxis, and pots of money. There are refreshingly no playing card symbols on these reels, with classic Monopoly tokens like the racecar, top hat, boot, and battleship as the lowest paying symbols instead.

The reels are also packed with special bonus symbols like Free Parking symbols that all get replaced on the reels by a single hidden symbol you select.

Bonus symbols trigger the free spins feature, and Monopoly Wild symbols award Monopoly Money and a spin on the Monopoly Wheel. The Wheel awards multipliers and special features like Chance games and Community Chest cards that award more multipliers. Wins can really add up when you hit the Go! Re-spin space and all multiplier values on the wheel become even higher.

Jazzy music totally befitting of the classy Monopoly theme plays in the background, and a game show style announcer provides commentary about the game’s features and your gameplay.

Betting options & paying combinationsSuper Monopoly Money Interface

Super Monopoly Money spreads 25 lines across five reels and three rows (5×3) of action. The 25 lines are fixed so you cannot choose how many lines to play, but you can change the value of your bet. Possible bets start at 0.01 per line for a total minimum bet of 0.35 per spin and go up to 3.00 per line for a total maximum bet of $105.

Total bets are not a straight calculation because the game automatically adds an extra  “Feature Bet” wager to every spin. For example, when you play with the minimum bet, a 0.10 feature bet is added to the line bet total of 0.25 to get a total bet of 0.35. It is not possible to remove that feature bet amount, so your total bet at any bet level will be higher than your line bet times 25 lines.

The in-game paytable updates automatically to display the payout values for your current bet value. Apart from the Jackpot symbols, Wild symbols are the highest paying symbols on the reels with five matching wild symbols paying out 5.00 on a minimum bet and 1,500.00 on a maximum bet.

The Monopoly tokens are the lowest paying symbols on the reels, with the boot and the top hat paying out 0.05 on a minimum bet and 15.00 on a maximum bet for three matching symbols.

Maximum symbol payout values (for five matching symbols on a maximum bet):

  • Wild symbols – 1,500
  • Mr. Monopoly – 600
  • Tycoon – 600
  • Scottie dog – 450
  • Bus – 375
  • Taxi – 300
  • Money pot – 300
  • Race car token – 240
  • Battleship token – 240
  • Boot token – 150
  • Top hat token – 150

Super Monopoly Money Free Spins InterfaceTo use the autoplay function, click the autoplay button to expand the spins menu and select your number of spins. You can also use the Options button to customize the auto-spin settings.

Super Monopoly Money offers a solid 95.97% RTP (Return-To-Player) percentage, which is average compared to other WMS games.

What jackpots are available?

Jackpot symbols on the reels pay out 75,000 for five matching jackpot symbols (with no wild symbols) on a maximum bet, which is the highest possible jackpot payout at over 700x your bet.

Jackpot symbol combinations with wild symbols pay out significantly less, with five symbols paying out just 1,500 compared to the 75,000 without wild symbols. Four matching symbols pay out 450, and three matching jackpot symbols pay out 150. These payout values are the same as for matching wild symbol combinations.

There are no other local jackpots and no progressive jackpot options in this game.

Additional features and bonuses

This game offers a variety of different bonus features in the base game and special bonus games.

1. Wild Symbols

“WILD” symbols are the highest paying regular (non-jackpot) symbol on the reels and substitute for all symbols except any of the special feature symbols.

2. MM Wild Symbols

Monopoly Wild symbols expand to cover reel five, substitute for all symbols except Free Parking symbols, and award a spin on the Monopoly Wheel. Winning combinations are awarded in Monopoly Money in addition to a monetary award, which is used to play on the Monopoly Wheel.

3. Free Parking FeatureSuper Monopoly Money Paytable Minimum Bet 1

When the Free Parking feature is triggered, choose a car icon to reveal a symbol and all Free Parking symbols on the reels will be replaced by that symbol. The hidden Free Parking symbol options always include a Wild symbol, a Bonus/ MM Bonus symbol, and three symbols that landed on reel one on that spin.

If the Free Parking Feature is triggered during autoplay spins, a Free Parking symbol is automatically and randomly selected for you.

4. Free Spins Bonus Game

Three or more Bonus and/or MM Bonus symbols scattered on adjacent reels, starting on the leftmost reel, triggers the Free Spins Bonus Game.

  • Three Bonus/ MMBonus symbols award eight free spins.
  • Four Bonus/ MMBonus symbols award 10 free spins.
  • Five Bonus/ MMBonus symbols award 15 free spins.

Free spins can be retriggered, and additional free spins are added to the number of remaining free spins. Winning combinations and payouts are the same for the free spins game and the base game.

Monopoly Wheel Bonus Game

When the MM Wild symbol lands on reel five, it expands to cover the entire reel and triggers the Monopoly Wheel Bonus Game.

On the Monopoly Wheel game screen, you can choose one of the following three options:

  • Cancel – This saves the Monopoly Money award and cancels the Monopoly Wheel spin. You can let more Monopoly Money accumulate and spin the wheel any time you want by clicking on the wheel.
  • Cash Out – Take a payout of five times (x5) the Monopoly Money you were awarded instead of spinning the wheel.
  • Super Monopoly Money Wheel Re-Spin ValuesSpin the Wheel – The wheel awards multiplier values between x1-x100 or special features.

Special Features (spaces) on the Monopoly Wheel:

  • Go! Re-spin – Awards another spin on the wheel with higher multiplier values between x10-x200. The multiplier values in the other special features are also higher on a re-spin.
  • Chance – Choose a face-down card to win a multiplier of x5 or x10 (x10 – x200 on a re-spin) or a Go! Re-spin.
  • Community – Choose a card to win a multiplier of x1 – x25 (x10 – x50 on a re-spin). If you pick the “Award All” card, you win the total multiplier of all of the Community cards added together.

Who is this game ideal for?

Like other WMS Monopoly-themed slot games, this game is ideal for fans of the Monopoly board game. This online slot is also perfect for fans of the Super Monopoly Money game found at land-based casinos, although the online version is missing the huge reel featured on the physical slot console.

The advanced graphics and robust bonus features will appeal to a wide variety of players as well.

Similar games from WMS

The Monopoly slot franchise is one of the things that put WMS slots on the map, and they’ve amassed quite an impressive selection of Monopoly slots titles over the years like Epic Monopoly II, Monopoly Big Event, Monopoly Bring The House Down, Monopoly Mega Movers, Monopoly Money In Hand, Monopoly Big Money Reel, and Monopoly Once Around Deluxe.

All of these games share the Monopoly branding including Monopoly characters, tokens, and game board, but each of these slots features a unique design and features.

For example, Epic Monopoly II shares many of the same symbols and feature concepts as Super Monopoly Money. However, Epic Monopoly II boasts two reels, a 5×4 set of reels plus a 5×12 colossal reel with a total of 100 lines between the two reels.

Similar to the Monopoly Wheel in this game, spins on the Epic Wheel in Epic Monopoly II award free spins, multipliers, mystery wins, and rolls on the Monopoly game board. When the Epic Wild symbol covers a reel on the main reels, the Epic Wild reel also transfers to the colossal reel to cover the same reel. Wins can really add up with multiple Epic Wild reels.

What’s hot?Super Monopoly Money Wheel Cash Out

Lots of Features: A variety of special features on the reels and special mini-games triggered frequently to keep gameplay engaging.

Monopoly Wheel: In a game show like setting, spin the wheel to win multipliers or special features.

Free Spins Bonus Game: Win up to 15 free spins that can also be retriggered.

Free Parking Feature: Reveal a symbol that replaces all of the Free Parking symbols on the reels to help create winning combinations or trigger bonus games.

What’s Not?

Limited Free Spins Features: Free spins payout values are the same as in the base game, there are no multipliers, and there are no added special features.

Complex Bonus Features: There are some complexities and options wrapped up in the bonus features that aren’t obvious or clearly explained in the game instructions.

Low Payouts: Payouts on winning combinations in the base game are low, and it’s easy to run down your balance. We hit winning combinations and features frequently, but we never scored any big hits.

Final ratings

  • Graphics and Design – 4/5: The visuals in this game look current and polished. The renderings are done very nicely, the colors are bright, and the interface looks fresh and crisp. The animations are slick, but the Monopoly Wheel spin animation can be glitchy at times. Overall, we were impressed with the graphics and are awarding a high rating.
  • Sound Effects – 4/5: The classy and jazzy soundtrack suits the game perfectly. The game show-style announcements work as well and can even be helpful for instructions when you first start playing the game. Once you’re a more seasoned player, the announcements can get stale though. We’re awarding a high rating overall for audio that compliments the gameplay experience.
  • Jackpot Value – 2.5/5: This game really only offers one jackpot option, which is five matching jackpot symbols (with no wild symbols included). That payout is over 700x your bet, paying out a sweet 75,000 on a maximum bet. The payouts for three, four, and five jackpot symbols (with wild symbols) offer low payouts that are identical to the payouts for matching wild symbols on the reels, so it’s not really a jackpot at these levels. We combined those relatively high and low jackpot values for an average overall rating.
  • Replay Value – 3.75/5: Replay value is high for fans of the land-based casino game, as well as players who are psyched about Monopoly-themed slot games. Although we’ve awarded high marks for the graphics and audio in this game, our replay value rating drops below those marks due to the low payout values and our experience with not hitting big wins. The complexity with some of the bonus features doesn’t help either. The game looks terrific and the gameplay is fun and entertaining, but we haven’t seen the money to back up the visuals yet, which would make us more likely to be repeat players.