Stinkin’ Rich Slots Review


Stinkin’ Rich is a cartoonish slot game from London-based developers, International Gaming Technology.

IGT has been developing slots for internet and physical casinos since 1998 and is one of the most respected names in the business.

Stinkin’ Rich features a customizable one to 100 paylines as well as two separate bonus rounds. It is a great example of IGT’s innovative approach to slots.

Game manufacturer:IGT
Number of paylines:1-100
Game theme: Cartoon
RTP: 92-96%
Min/Max bet: $0.01 – $5
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:No
Maximum standard win:$1000
Free spins:5 to hundreds

Themes & visuals

Stinkin’ Rich’s visuals look like they could have come from a classic 90s cartoon. The symbols are split into two contrasting camps, one of riches and jewels, and the other of stinkin’ items. They include:

  • The Skunk protagonist
  • Rotten Cheese
  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Eggs
  • Man with Pipe
  • Man with Diamond Cane
  • Woman in Fur Coat

This game is well animated, with video introductions to the bonus rounds and extra effects over the symbols on winning paylines. The bonus games are themed around the Skunk character breaking into the rich people’s house and opening their safe.

The music is upbeat and exciting here as well, fitting the game’s cartoony and light-hearted theme.

Most of all, you can tell IGT put some effort into the visual and audio details in this slot.

Betting options & paying combinationsStinkin Rich 1

Stinkin’ Rich has five reels and up to 100 paylines. The middle reel, however, only includes three icons.

Players can choose to spin the reels with:

  • 1
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75

Or, the full 100 paylines. All paylines are clearly displayed upon opting to change them or when a winning line is pulled. Considering most slots include 30-50 paylines, that’s quite a selection.

This is a great feature that adds transparency as well as nice customization options to this slot.

However, this means that bets start at $1 if you want to play all the lines this game offers.

Other than that, bets on Stinkin’ Rich range between $0.01 and $0.05 per line. Thus, the minimum bet is literally a penny (1 line x $0.01), and the maximum bet is $5.

That means high-rolling players, and even some medium-budget ones, might feel short-changed by this title.

The Return-to-Player (RTP) on this slot stands at 92.5 – 96.2%, making for a moderately variable slot with a reasonable RTP.

Lastly, Stinkin’ Rich provides an auto spin feature. This is always good to see, but Stinkin’ Rich’s system isn’t as customizable as some other games.

You can only set it to spin X number of times. There are no other options available, such as stopping at a specific win or loss.

What about the jackpots?

There is no jackpot on Stinkin’ Rich.

The free spins bonus rounds can end up awarding some decent prizes. However, in our opinion, that doesn’t make up for the lack of a signposted or fixed jackpot prize.

Either way, it’s certainly not enough for this slot to keep up with the million-dollar progressive jackpot titles from Microgaming or NetEnt.

Additional features & bonus roundsStinkin Rich bonus

Stinkin’ Rich inludes one Wild, three scatter symbols, and two separate bonus rounds. That’s a decent array of features.

While it may not be enough to stand with the top-tier big-budget licensed titles, it’s certainly no slouch of an offering either.

Wild Symbols

Stinkin’ Rich’s Wild symbol doesn’t really offer anything new. It’s labeled as Wild on the reels and acts as a standard Wild does – it counts as any symbol for the purposes of creating a winning line.

There’s no clumping, extra splash Wilds, or any other features to the Wild symbols in this game.


The three scatter symbols in this title are:

  • Scatter
  • Keys to Riches
  • Trash for Cash

The first scatter pays out if it appears on three or more consecutive reels, regardless of paylines. It pays out 3x and then 5x for pulling three or four respectively. Pull all five reels and you’ll get 10x your total bet.

The other two scatter symbols are for triggering the different bonuses. Pull three or more of them on any reel to enter the relevant bonus round.

Anecdotally, during our playtest, we pulled the Keys to Riches bonus on our very first spin of the game.

Bonus Rounds

The two bonus rounds here are Keys to Riches and Trash for Cash. They work as follows:

Trash for Cash is a pick ‘em style bonus. Players must choose one of nine bins to reveal the trash and a bonus multiplier beneath. They are then awarded that times their max bet. Values range from 6x to 40x, meaning a maximum prize of $200.

Keys to Riches is a free spins bonus round. Players get 5x the number of paylines triggered on the spin that activated the bonus as free spins.

With 100 paylines on offer, players could potentially pull a massive 500 free spins – although that is very unlikely. Still, the possibility of numerous free spins is definitely there.

Free spins are played with the bet that was in play when the bonus was triggered.

Who is this game ideal for?Stinkin Rich table

Stinkin’ Rich will suit people looking for some novelty – they should enjoy the 100-payline structure.

Anyone that’s a fan of old-school cartoons might also enjoy this, although there are better, licensed titles out there.

Penny slots players should be right at home as the bets are customizable down to a literal penny.

High-rolling players might be disappointed, however.

Similar games by IGT

Cartoon fans should be well-served by slots from IGT. Just a few include the official Family Guy slot, Avatar, and Transformers.

For a 100-payline slot with similar mechanics, try 100 Pandas, Wolf Rising, or Apollo Rising.

What’s hot

100-Payline Structure: There aren’t many slots out there that use this mechanic, giving Stinkin’ Rich a unique position in the market.

Being able to customize your lines to a large extent is also great, as is the ability to see each line overlaid on the reels.

Nicely Animated: This game is smoothly done. All the little sound effects and bonus animations come together to make a cohesively-themed and interesting visual experience.

What’s notStinkin Rich table 2

No Jackpot: The prizes just felt a little low here to us. Relying on free spins before you can get to truly big prizes felt a little cheap.

In today’s market, slots need a designated jackpot prize to be truly competitive.

Low Maximum Bet: $5 a spin will hardly break the bank of even budget players. Those used to $200-plus spins on some online slots will be sorely disappointed here. With the potential for many free spins and 100 lines, many players will undoubtedly feel the maximum bet could have gone a little higher.

Final ratings

  • Graphics and design: 3.5/5 – This game looks good and runs smoothly. The 100-payline system is worth checking out. However, the low maximum bet and lack of customization on the auto spin feature brings it down slightly.
  • Sound effects: 3.5/5 – We enjoyed the music here, and there was a decent variety of it. It doesn’t push any boundaries and can’t compete with the top licensed music titles on the market, but Stinkin’ Rich’s soundtrack does a decent job overall.
  • Jackpot value: 0/5 – Lacking any kind of designated big-money prize means Stinkin’ Rich had to get a zero on this metric.
  • Replay value: 2.5/5 – For those who enjoy the cartoon stylings, there are enough extra features here to keep up engagement for some time. However, the lack of jackpot and a low max bet may put some players off from returning.