Pixies of the Forest Slot Review


Pixies of the Forest is a 99-payline, five-reel fantasy slot by IGT. The game offers a magical theme featuring fairies who guide your play. It also contains special features, including tumbling reels, wilds, and free spins.

The online version is similar to the original land-based version, Secrets of the Forest, found in many casinos in Las Vegas. Both games are popular for their regular hits and frequent payouts.

Game manufacturer:IGT
Number of paylines:99
Game theme:Magic, Fantasy
RTP:93.00% to 94.90%
Min/Max bet:$0.33/$66
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:0
Maximum payout:$17,178
Free spins:Yes, five to 11

To begin gameplay, you need to place a minimum wager of $0.33 per spin. The game can be enjoyed on all computing devices (Mac and Windows) without downloading any software.

Pixies of the Forest comes highly recommended to land-based casino slot players who have enjoyed similar-themed slots. The tumbling reels give you a faster playing experience, adding to the overall fun.

Themes and visuals

You are welcomed to the game by three beautiful and mysterious fairies. The online adaptation is impressive in that you can’t tell the game apart from the land-based version. The graphics may not be a 100% match, but that’s the only variance.

The reels are set in a magical forest and feature the customary playing card symbols (the king, jack, and ace), three winged fairies, and the Pixies logo. Other symbols include the highly-rewarding bonus and wild icons.

Betting options & paying combinations

Pixies of the Forest has a record 99 paylines. You can play all the lines with 33 coins. It costs $0.33 per spin (as opposed to the usual $0.50 minimum spin wager). The maximum wager is $66. Pixies has a maximum payout of $17,178 and a variable return-to-player (RTP) of 93.00% to 94.90%.

What about the jackpots?Pixies interface 2

It’s unfortunate that Pixies of the Forest doesn’t offer a jackpot. You still have a chance to enjoy a decent win, although like with most slots, your chances of getting regular, small wins are higher.

Additional features & bonus rounds

IGT’s online version appears to be a near replica of the popular land-based casino slot game. Pixies doesn’t include any new features apart from the usual free spins, tumbling reels, and auto spins.

1. Free spins

You enjoy a free spins bonus when you land three bonus symbols on a payline. Free spins can’t be retriggered in a free spin bonus. Pixies offers five to 11 free spins.

2. Wild symbol

The main game includes wilds on the center reels (reels two, three, and four). A free spins bonus adds wilds to reels one through four. All winning combinations come with at least one non-wild. Wilds are easy to spot. They are the secret to free spins, alongside bonus icons.

3. Tumbling reels

This feature ensures you keep winning with every spin. All winning combos trigger tumbling reels during free spins or regular gameplay. All symbols in the winning combo disappear automatically, and symbols drop filling the empty spots. Combos are evaluated before wins are added, and the process goes on until there are no more winning combinations.

4. Auto spinsPixies free spins bonus

This incredible feature allows you to make ten to 50 automatic spins. Thanks to auto spin, you can take a break from your mobile device or computer without stopping the game.

Automatic spins are similar to typical spins in every regard, including speed. It’s important to select an ideal coin value when using this feature to ensure you bet as you would in a manual spin.

5. Adjustable graphics

Pixies of the Forest also comes with an adjustable graphics feature next to the automatic spin button. You can choose graphics quality from the lowest to the best graphics. This feature allows you to optimize animation performance.

Who is the game ideal for?

If you love fantasy-themed slots, Pixies of the Forest is a perfect game for you. It is also recommendable to fans of magic-themed entertainment, like Merlin and Harry Potter, and to those who have already played the land-based version.

Pixies accommodates medium- to high-stakes players given that the minimum wager is $0.33 per spin.

Other similar games from IGT

Many IGT games match Pixies in many aspects. In fact, IGT released Pixies of the Forest II, which is a more advanced version of the original. The game features the usual tumbling reels and other unique features, such as win multipliers and free spins surprises (featuring a pixie queen). The slot offers a progressive jackpot with a life-changing $250,000 prize.

Other similar games include Natural Powers and Da Vinci Diamonds. These slots have striking features and theme similarities. If you enjoy playing Pixies, you’ll definitely like these games as well.

What’s hot?Pixies tumbling reels

Great visuals: Pixies grabs your attention instantly. The seductive fairies signaling silence, magical visuals, and bright colors are bound to keep you engrossed. Given the game is more than five years old, IGT did a great job on the visuals.

Custom features: Pixies also stands out for having important custom features. For instance, you have four graphics options to match your preferences and the capabilities of your device.

You also have other features like auto spin at your disposal to give you the freedom to play without stopping the game. Auto spin gets rid of the monotony experienced in many slots. You don’t need to be glued to the screen to keep playing.

Incredible bonus features: Pixies of the Forest offers free spins, wilds, and other unique bonus features that ensure you generate wins with each spin. Every winning combination comes with tumbling reels during regular gameplay or free spins. Unique bonus features ensure you get more action.

More paylines: Pixies has a record 99 paylines, which means more winning combinations. Although the RTP is within the normal range, additional paylines make the game more enjoyable.

Fast gameplay experience: The tumbling reels offer a faster playing experience and add to the overall fun. If you enjoy slots but hate long spins, look no further. The game’s quick spins get rid of the monotony associated with most slots.

What’s not?Pixies paylines

Replica of the land-based game: IGT appears to have replicated everything when creating the online version of this game. Although the land-based version is already popular, some tweaks would have gone a long way.

Although there is another Pixies version and many similar-themed games, IGT did the bare minimum to make the online version unique.

No multipliers: Bonus features like multipliers are also missing in this game. Because slots rarely offer you big wins, boosting small wins goes a long way. Multipliers also make slots more enjoyable. Pixies of the Forest is missing this fun feature that provides an opportunity for better gains.

Variable RTP: The variable RTP of 93.00% to 94.90% is a bit low, and variable RTPs favor high-stakes players. It is better to play slots where every player has the same odds regardless of their stakes.

No jackpot: This game isn’t recommendable if you are searching for big prize wins. You are better off playing Pixies II, which offers jackpot wins.

Dated: Although the game’s graphics are above average, the game may appear dated. Visually, there are better slots out there today.

Final Rating

  • Graphics and design – 3/5: The graphics and design are impressive considering the game is over five years old. The fairies look incredibly realistic. Other features such as the forest background, reels, and magical features all complement each other perfectly. It’s also commendable that IGT provides a variety of graphics options to choose from.
  • Sound effects – 4/5: IGT did an excellent job creating realistic and matching sound effects. The mysterious tunes and magical sounds, including occasional fairy chatter and laughs, match the game’s theme well. You are bound to feel as if you are in a magical fantasyland when playing this game.
  • Jackpot value – 2/5: Your chances of enjoying a sizable payoff are very slim, with the maximum payout being $17,178. Pixies of the Forest II is a better game for winning jackpot prizes.
  • Replay value – 4/5: Pixies is a fun and engaging slot game. Aside from the automatic features like auto spins, which ensure you can take breaks without stopping the game, Pixies is still interesting in manual gameplay. IGT has included many intriguing design features to eliminate the monotony associated with repetitive spins.