Night of the Wolf Slot Machine Review


Night of the Wolf is a werewolf-themed slot from High 5 Games. It was released for online play in 2013.
This title is a love story that bears similarities to the Twilight film series. However, the game retains an original feel by focusing on werewolves and offering several slot features.

Theme and visuals overview

Game manufacturer:High 5 Games
Number of paylines:30
Game theme: Werewolf, Supernatural
Min/Max bet:$0.01/$300
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:No
Coin denominations:$0.01 to $10
Maximum standard win:$10,000
Free spins:Yes, 5-15

The transparent reels in Night of the Wolf show a dark, foggy forest in the background. This spooky forest perfectly sets the game’s tone.

The reels are surrounded by wood paneling, which looks like it would be found in an old mansion.

The symbols do a great job of telling this story. They include a mysterious man, dark-haired beauty, rose, game logo, wolf with a red background, wolf with a green background, locket, ring, rose, potion bottle, A, K, and Q.

The man and woman are the stars of this supernatural love story, which plays out through entertaining animations.

Some of the animations during winning combinations include:

  • The man transforming into a wolf.
  • A wolf’s eyes turning green.
  • The game logo showing the werewolf’s vantage point as it runs through the woods.
  • A wolf walking towards the screen.
  • The locket opening and exploding with a burst of pink energy.

High 5 isn’t known for impressive cinematics, especially as many of their games are older. However, they did an excellent job with the theatrics in this slot.

Dramatic music plays while the reels are spinning. This tune is yet another element that fits the theme well.

Sound effects during wins include the man screaming during his transformation, a wolf growling, and tribal-style music playing for the girl.

Betting options and paying combinationsnight-of-the-wolf-interface

Night of the Wolf includes five reels and 30 lines. The lines can be adjusted from 1-30.

The bet per line can be changed from $0.01 to $10. These options create a betting range of $0.01 to $300.

Autoplay can be used to keep the reels spinning automatically with chosen betting preferences. This option works continuously for between five and 25 spins.

Replay lets you re-watch previous spins. This option is helpful when you get a large win and want to record it as a memento.

The Return-to-Player (RTP) for Night of the Wolf is 94.9%, which is below par compared to other slots. The volatility isn’t low enough to mask the below-average RTP either.

Single wins can go as high as $10,000, which comes via five wild symbols. However, you must bet $10 per line to qualify for the biggest payout.

What jackpots are available in Night of the Wolf?

This game doesn’t offer a jackpot, which is one of its few downsides. The largest available prize is 1,000x the line bet for five wilds.

1,000x is rather small for a top payout. You need to wager between $5 and $10 per line just to earn a significant win.

Other notable payouts in Night of the Wolf include 300x for ten man symbols, 250x for ten woman symbols, and 250x for four wild icons.

Additional features and bonus roundsnight-of-the-wolf-free-spins

This slot doesn’t offer any mind-blowing payouts. However, it does include multiple features that can combine to deliver large prizes.

Wild symbol

The game logo is the wild icon. It substitutes for everything except the rose scatter to deliver payouts.

This wild symbol also offers some of the game’s biggest prizes. It pays 1,000x for five symbols, 250x for four, 50x for three, and 15x for two.

Double symbols

Some symbols appear as either single or double icons. The double symbol is significant because it counts as two icons within the same space.

The rose, man, woman, wolf with a red background, and wolf with a green background all appear as double icons. They can form prizes with anywhere between three and ten symbols.

Super Stacks

A Super Stack consists of a single symbol stacked on an entire reel. Night of the Wolf includes three spaces on each reel, which means three icons appear in a Super Stack.

Three or more consecutive Super Stacks (starting with the leftmost reel) create a “Super Symbol.” You get to see a larger animation whenever Super Symbols are formed.


The rose is the scatter symbol. It only appears on reels two, three, four, and five.

This icon’s lone purpose is to trigger free spins. Unfortunately, the rose doesn’t offer any payouts like scatter symbols in many other games do.

Free spinsnight-of-the-wolf-pay-table-2

Free spins can be triggered with five or more rose icons on reels two, three, four, and five. The number of free spins awarded depends on the number of triggering roses.

You receive:

  • 5 free spins for five roses.
  • 7 for six.
  • 10 for seven.
  • 15 for eight.

An entertaining cutscene plays before free spins begin. The screen zooms in on the man, who is howling at the moon and undergoing a transformation.

The backdrop changes to an outdoor scene during the bonus. Unfortunately, the bonus background doesn’t measure up to the main game’s dark forest.

An upbeat tune plays throughout the free spins. This music has an intense beat that matches the game’s werewolf theme.

Autoplay is automatically enabled during free spins. It only stops when you get a win, which is frustrating if you want to take a break before the bonus begins.

Who is Night of the Wolf ideal for?

Players who enjoy games with low betting options and plenty of features will like this slot. The lowest possible bet is $0.01, while all 30 lines can be played for $0.30.

These low bets offer plenty of value considering the number of available features. Free spins, double symbols, Super Stacks, and Super Symbols can all lead to solid payouts.

Those who like slots with big jackpots should stay away from Night of the Wolf. This game only offers a top payout worth 1,000x.

Similar games from High 5

Two similar slots form High 5 Games include Prince of the Night and Ravishing Beauties. Both games deal with the supernatural-horror genre.

Prince of the Night is a vampire-themed slot that was released in 2017. It features superior graphics and a more impressive background compared to Night of the Wolf.

Ravishing Beauties is about a man who stumbles into a castle filled with undead temptresses. This slot also boasts better graphics, although it doesn’t offer as many features.

What’s Hot:night-of-the-wolf-pay-table-1

Unique theme: Vampires get most of the attention in the slots world and beyond. However, High 5 chose to focus on werewolves in this game. They created an entertaining love story involving a werewolf and a human woman.

Plenty of features: Night of the Wolf offers Super Stacks, Super Symbols, double symbols, and free spins. The Super Stacks and double icons combine to form quite a few wins.

Nice music & sound effects: This slot uses a mixture of rock, tribal drums, and uptempo music to perfectly reflect the spooky werewolf theme. It also includes appropriate sound effects for many of the payouts.

What’s Not:

Low top prize: This game doesn’t offer a jackpot. The top payout of 1,000x is low by industry standards. The $10,000 max prize requires an expensive line bet of $10.

Uninspiring background elements: We like the forest background that can be seen through the transparent reels. However, certain aspects of the main game and bonus backgrounds don’t make sense or lack visual detail.

Below-average RTP: Night of the Wolf is a decent slot. However, its 94.9% RTP isn’t impressive. The medium volatility doesn’t do anything to hide the subpar payback.

Final ratings:

  • Graphics and design – 3/5:  This slot features decent symbol graphics and quality animations. The foggy forest, which can be seen through the reels, offers the perfect setting. However, other background elements don’t measure up to the forest.
  • Sound effects – 4/5: No soundtrack plays during the main game. Night of the Wolf makes up for this shortcoming with good music during the spins, fitting sound effects, and a high-energy bonus track.
  • Jackpot value – 1.5/5: A 1,000x top payout won’t cut it for most slots players. Big wins are too reliant on mixing a large line bet with the right features. The $10k top prize isn’t worth chasing given that you must risk $10 per line for a chance to win it.
  • Replay value – 3.5/5: Night of the Wolf has its flaws, including low payouts and a poor RTP. However, we still like what it offers in most other areas. The features, theme, and sound effects make this slot worth playing a few times, especially around Halloween.