Madame Monarch Slot Machine Review


Madame Monarch is a fantasy-themed slot from High 5 Games. It was released for online play in 2013.

This game may seem like one of the many fairy-themed slots found in the gaming world. However, Madame Monarch offers a more original concept.

The madame is a human-butterfly hybrid with a special connection with butterflies. If nothing else, this game can bank on its unique fantasy angle.

Game manufacturer:High 5 Games
Number of paylines:40
Game theme:Fantasy, Butterflies
Min/Max bet:$0.01/$400
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:No
Coin denominations:$0.01 to $10
Maximum standard win:$4,000
Free spins:Yes, 7

Theme and visuals overview

Madame Monarch is designed to look like an enchanted garden.

The top of the background features leaves, plants, berries, and a nighttime sky. The bottom of the screen shows what looks to be lily pads and pond water.

Unfortunately, the background is so dark that it’s difficult to tell what’s at the bottom. We’re not sure why High 5 created a nighttime scene when similarly styled slots typically take place in bright and cheery places.

The symbol graphics range from good to poor. Madame Monarch, who’s depicted as a beautiful woman with butterfly wings, is one of the few bright spots. A flower in a bubble is the only other high-quality symbol.

The different butterfly symbols lack detail and are hard to identify when appearing as double icons. For example, the double green butterfly symbol looks like a grasshopper.

This game’s animations are one of its best attributes. Some animations during winning combinations are:

  • Madame Monarch flapping her wings and releasing butterflies from her hands.
  • Different butterflies floating around the dark sky.
  • The purple flower rising up in a bubble.

This slot represents one of High 5’s better soundtrack efforts. The dreamy tune that perfectly reflects the theme plays whenever the reels spin. Sound effects during wins include the madame laughing, butterflies flapping their wings, and nature sounds.

Betting options and paying combinationsmadame-monarch-interface

Madame Monarch includes five reels and 40 lines. The lines can be adjusted from 1-40.

The bet per line ranges from $0.01 to $10. Whether you’re a low or high roller, you should appreciate the ability to change the total bet from $0.01 to $400 (maximum lines/line bet).

Gameplay options include autoplay, replay, and sound. Autoplay is particularly helpful as it makes the reels spin automatically for 5-25 rounds.

Replay allows you to re-watch the previous spin. This option is useful if you hit a big payout and want to record or screenshot it.

The Return-to-Player (RTP) for Madame Monarch is 94.9%, which is slightly below average by industry standards. However, this game feels like it pays much more thanks to the low volatility.

The highest-possible win in this game is $4,000, and while that sounds like a decent amount, it’s not – considering that you need to bet $10 per line to qualify.

What jackpots are available in Madame Monarch?

Madame Monarch doesn’t offer a jackpot. Its highest prize is only worth 400x the line bet, which comes via five wild symbols.

400x is among the lowest top payouts we’ve seen in a game. You can’t expect to win much in a single round unless you’re betting between $5 and $10 per line.

Other notable prizes include 200x (five Madame Monarchs), 200x (five red butterflies), 175x (five blue butterflies), and 150x (five yellow butterflies).

Additional features and bonus rounds

This slot doesn’t offer any exciting single payouts. However, it includes several features that can produce decent wins.

Wild symbol

The flower in a bubble is the wild icon. It substitutes for everything except the free-games symbol to form wins.

The wild also creates winning combinations by itself. These prizes include 400x for five symbols, 75x for four, 25x for three, and 12x for two.

Double symbolsmadame-monarch-free-spins

Several symbols in this game come in both single and double icons. A double symbol is one that acts as two icons within the same space.

The red butterfly, blue butterfly, yellow butterfly, green butterfly, and Madame Monarch can all appear as twin symbols. They each form paying combinations with 3-10 icons.

Scatter symbol

The free-games icon serves as the scatter. It only appears on reels two, three, and four.

This symbol’s lone function is to trigger free spins. Unlike scatters in many other slots, this icon doesn’t offer any payouts.

Super Stacks & Super Symbols

Madame Monarch features Super Stacks, which refer to a matching symbol filling an entire reel. This slot includes four spaces on each reel, meaning a Super Stack takes up four spaces.

Any symbol can randomly be chosen to serve as a Super Stack in each round. Stacked wild symbols are ideal because they offer the game’s biggest payout and can substitute for other icons.

Three or more Super Stacks appearing side by side (beginning with the leftmost reel) create a Super Symbol. It’s possible to form a Super Symbol that takes up the entire 4×5 grid.

Free spins

You trigger seven free spins by landing three free-games Super Stacks on the middle reels (12 total spaces). These free spins don’t offer any special features such as multipliers or unique wild symbols.

The background changes from night to daytime during this bonus. Unfortunately, the top portion of the background is so sunny that you can barely see anything.

A high-energy tune plays throughout the free spins. This melody mixes a flute with awkward sounds to create what resembles electro-house music.

Who is Madame Monarch ideal for?madame-monarch-pay-table-2

This game is great for low-budget players who want to win as frequently as possible. The minimum bet is just $0.01 per spin, and all 40 lines can be employed for $0.40.

The volatility is about as low as it gets. Super Stacks and double symbols are the perfect combination for producing lots of small wins.

Anybody who values high RTP and a great setting should stay away from Madame Monarch. The low volatility masks the underwhelming 94.9% payback.

The background graphics look decent. However, the main-game backdrop is too dark at the bottom of the screen.

Other similar games from High 5

The Dream and Secrets of the Forest are two similar slots from High 5. Each presents a magical theme with comparable features.

The Dream even includes a human-butterfly hybrid as one of the icons. It also offers double symbols, free spins, and Super Stacks.

Secrets of the Forest doesn’t provide as many features as either Madame Monarch or The Dream. However, its 3D graphics offer a nicer visual element than the other two games.

What’s Hot:

Unique theme: Fairy-themed slots are a dime a dozen in the gaming world. Madame Monarch may feel like one these games, but it offers a more original angle. The main character is a human with butterfly wings and special powers.

Lots of features: This game offers plenty of extra features that can result in solid wins. Double symbols, Super Stacks, and Super Symbols are all available in the main game. It’s also possible to trigger free spins with three Super Stacks of free-games icons.

Really low volatility: Not many slots combine two powerful features like Super Stacks and double symbols. Madame Monarch does, which leads to frequent wins and low volatility.

What’s Not:madame-monarch-title-screen

Small top prize: This game doesn’t offer much to dream about in terms of huge payouts. Its top prize is a measly 400x the line bet. The $4,000 maximum payout can only be won with a lofty $10 line wager.

Dark background: Most slots that are similar to Madame Monarch feature a light background, which makes it easier to see details. High 5 went a different route with a nighttime setting that nearly blacks out the bottom of the screen.

Low symbol quality: The four butterfly symbols don’t offer enough detail. This drawback only gets worse with the double symbols, which put two badly designed icons side by side.

Final ratings:

  • Graphics and design – 2/5: Madame Monarch and the flower in a bubble are well-designed symbols. The top of the background features a nice-looking garden scene. However, the overly dark setting and butterfly symbols hurt the visual element.
  • Sound effects – 3.5/5: This game offers a whimsical tune when the reels are spinning. It also features decent sound effects during wins. The free-spins tune is a little strange, but it fits the game theme.
  • Jackpot value – 1/5: The absence of a jackpot is further highlighted by a low top prize – 400x definitely won’t excite the average player. One needs to bet at least $5 per line just to have a chance at any serious money.
  • Replay value – 2.5/5: Madame Monarch’s replay value is highly dependent on the individual. Those who love winning often and taking advantage of features will enjoy this game. However, those who prefer chasing big payouts or playing aesthetically pleasing slots should pass.