Lucky 88 Slot Machine Review


The Lucky 88 slot is all about the numbers “8” and “88”, and the good fortune and good luck that these numbers signify in Chinese culture. The reels are loaded with payout values and multipliers that include “8”s and “88”s, with multipliers that top out at an impressive x88.

Lucky 88 was originally released by Australia’s Aristocrat Gaming for land-based casinos and is now available for online players as well. This online version of the game is a perfect replica of the original casino slot, offering fans the same game design and lucky features.

Game manufacturer:Aristocrat
Number of paylines:25
Game theme:Chinese, Asian
RTP:95.6% – 97.00%
Min/Max bet:$0.01 / $30.00
Progressive jackpot: No
Regular jackpots:No
Coin denominations:$0.01 – $0.10
Maximum standard win:$888
Free spins:3 – 25

Theme and visuals

The number eight is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and the number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck. Lucky 88 brings these themes to the reels with a game brimming with lucky numbers.

Most winning combinations on the reels pay out prize values that end in eight or 88, and most of the wild multiplier values awarded in the game also end in eight or 88.

For example, the highest paying symbol (the wild symbol) pays out:

  • 888 coins for five matching symbols,
  • 388 coins for four matching symbols,
  • 188 coins for three matching symbols, and
  • 8 coins for two matching symbols.

Both the base game and the free spins game award wild multipliers that include those lucky digits like x8, x18, x38, and x88 multipliers.

The game screen is drenched in lucky red hues, and the reels are filled with symbols that represent prosperity and good luck like red lanterns, white cranes, and golden dragons. Other auspicious symbols include golden temples, golden prayer wheels, and traditional Chinese drums.

Standard playing card symbols (nines through aces) round out the reels as the lowest paying symbols, but payout values for four- and five-of-a-kind playing card combinations still include the number eight. All of the card symbols, except for the number nine card symbols, pay out 38 coins for four matching symbols and 68 coins for five matching symbols.

Typical Aristocrat slot sounds like retro win jingles and buzzers accompany the clicking reel spins and wins. Trumpet fanfare announces the free spins bonus game and traditional

Chinese music plays in the background while the free spins run. The sounds are the same as in the original casino slot, which can be comfortably familiar to fans of Lucky 88 but the sounds could seem dated to new players.

Betting options and paying combinationsLucky 88 Wild Multiplier

Lucky 88 offers five reels and three rows (5×3) of good fortune, with your choice of 25 lines and a variety of betting options. Choose to play 1, 5, 10, or 25 lines with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 credits per line. The “25+5 Extra Choice” button enables 25 lines with an extra five-credit bet (and the chance to win five extra free spins during the free spins games). Coin value options include $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, or $0.10 in free play mode.

Click “Help” to view the paytable, which is static and represents win values for one-credit bets only. Payouts on one-credit bets range from one credit for two matching scatter symbols, up to 888 credits for five matching wild symbols.

The paytable will not update as you change your stake, but you can multiply the paytable values by the number of credits and coin value you’re playing with to calculate potential payout totals.

Top paytable values (for five-of-a-kind combinations on a one-credit bet):

  • Chinese man symbols (wild symbols) – 888 coins
  • Red lantern symbols (scatter symbols) – 188 coins
  • Gold dragon symbols – 88 coins
  • White crane symbols – 88 coins
  • Golden prayer wheel symbols – 88 coins
  • Golden temple symbols – 88 coins
  • Chinese drum symbols – 88 coins
  • Ace/King/Queen/Jack/10 card symbols – 68 coins
  • 9 card symbols – 48 coins

These examples of payout values for winning combinations all include the number “8” or “88”, keeping with the theme of the game.

Like other Aristocrat slots, there are no preset autoplay options in this game. Click the Auto Start button to set the reels in motion, but they won’t stop spinning until you click the button again. It’s important to keep an eye on your balance if you use this function. The spins also run fast, and it can be difficult to see how many credits you’ve won on a spin before the next spin starts.

The RTP (Return-To-Player) percentage for this game varies depending on the stake (with or without the +5 extra feature) and bonus feature selections between 95.6 – 97%, which is higher than average compared to other Aristocrat slot games.

What jackpots are available?

Unfortunately, there are no jackpot options available in this game, just like there are no jackpots in the original Lucky 88 casino slot game.

Additional features and bonusesLucky 88 Feature Bonus Options

Lucky 88 boasts more bonus features than many other retro Aristocrat slots games, with wild multipliers, player choice bonus games with free spins multipliers, and extra bet options for extra free spins.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols (Chinese man symbols) award multipliers in the base game and the Free Games Feature when a wild symbol is part of a winning combination. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except scatter symbols and matching wild symbols are the highest paying combinations on the reels.

In the base game, wild multiplier values are randomly awarded and displayed on the game screen in the upper right corner. Possible multiplier values are x2, x3, x5, x8, x18, x38, and x88.

In the free spins game, wild multiplier values depend on which bonus game you choose to play. Almost all of the free spins bonus games have two possible multiplier values that can be awarded, with multipliers ranging from x5 up to x88 (x5, x8, x18, x38, and x88).

Scatter Symbols

Three or more scatter symbols (red Chinese lantern symbols) scattered anywhere on the reels trigger, and can also retrigger, the Free Games Feature. Scatter symbols are also the second most valuable symbol on the reels, paying out 188 coins for five matching symbols on a one-credit bet.

Lucky 88 Free Games Feature (Free Spins Bonus Game)

This bonus feature boasts a choice of different bonus games that each award a different combination of free spins and multipliers. Playing with the “+5 Extra Choice” option awards five extra free spins and an additional bonus game option that, if selected, guarantees a x88 multiplier if a winning wild combination hits during the four free spins.

The different game options range from offering more free spins with smaller multipliers to less free spins with bigger multipliers.

Free Games Feature Options With “+5 Extra Choice”:

  • 25 Free Spins with x5 or x18 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.
  • 15 Free Spins with x8 or x38 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.
  • 8 Free Spins with x18 or x88 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.
  • 4 Free Spins with x88 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.

Free Games Feature Options Without “+5 Extra Choice”:

  • 20 Free Spins with x5 or x18 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.
  • 10 Free Spins with x8 or x38 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.
  • 3 Free Spins with x18 or x88 multipliers applied to all wild symbol wins.

When we played this slot for this review, during one game, we played without the “+5 Extra Choice” option and chose the three free spins with x18 or x88 multiplier. We got wild wins on all three spins with the x18 multiplier (no x88 multipliers). We hit the free spins bonus game again and chose the 10 Free Spins option. We got all x8 multipliers on those free spins, except for one x38 multiplier.

+5 Extra Choice BetLucky 88 Gamble Feature

Click the “25+5 Extra Choice” button to play with an extra bet that costs five coins per spin.

If the Free Games Feature is triggered while you are playing with the “+5 Extra Choice” stake, you are awarded five extra free spins which will be reflected in the free spins totals on the bonus game option screen. You’ll also get an additional bonus game option that is only available if you play with the “+5 Extra Choice” bet.

Gamble Feature

On any winning spin, you can choose to gamble your win by guessing the color or suit of a face down card. Guess the card color correctly to double your bet or guess the card suit correctly to quadruple your bet. You’ll lose your entire gamble amount (from the feature) if you guess incorrectly, though.

Who is this game ideal for?

The online version of Lucky 88 would be ideal for fans of the original land-based casino slot game. It could also be appealing to players who enjoy Chinese-themed slots, especially players who recognize the significance of lucky 88 (and 8) numbers in Chinese culture.

Similar games from Aristocrat

Like Lucky 88, Choy Sun Doa and 5 Dragons are Chinese-themed slots that offer players a choice of different free spins bonus game options, each with different combinations of free spins and multipliers.

Also like Lucky 88, 5 Dragons offers a “+5 Extra” stake option that awards five extra free spins during the free spins bonus round. Choy Sun Doa does not offer that option. All of these games are adorned with similar Chinese good luck and good fortune symbols, but Lucky 88 is the only game that features a lucky numbers theme as well.

What’s hot:

Bonus Game Options – Choose from different bonus games options that offer a variety of free spins and multiplier combinations that appeal to different player styles.

+5 Extra Choice Feature – A small extra bet can pay out big when five extra free spins are added to the free spins bonus game.

Big Multipliers – Multiplier levels are higher than in other Aristocrat games, with multiplier values as big as an impressive x88 lucky multiplier.

What’s Not:Lucky 88 Paytable 2

Dated Design – Although colorful, the graphics are retro.

Basic Animations – Animations are not as advanced as in more cutting-edge slots.

Auto Play – No preset limit on autoplay spins, and auto play spins can run fast.

No Jackpots – Although there are no jackpot options in the original land-based casino slot, it could be a deterrent for online players that no jackpots have been added.

Final Ratings

  • Graphics and Design- 3/5: Above-average visuals compared to other Aristocrat slot games score an above average rating for this game’s graphics and design. The red reels are colorful and complement the game theme nicely.
  • Sound effects- 2.5/5:  The retro sound effects on these reels are the same as in the original Lucky 88 land-based casino slot and are typical for Aristocrat games. Our average rating reflects the authenticity of the sounds and the average game-specific sounds. The traditional Chinese music that accompanies the free spins is relatively neutral and appropriate for the game.
  • Jackpot value– 0/5: There are no jackpots in this game.
  • Replay value– 3.5/5: We’re giving Lucky 88 a relatively high replay value rating compared to other Aristocrat games, thanks to an unusual combination of bonus features and relatively high odds. Fans of the original casino-based slot could easily be repeat players of this faithful online version, and new players could be enticed to be repeat players thanks to sizable multipliers up to x88, a choice of free spins bonus games that offer different combinations of free spins and generous multipliers, and the +5 stake option that awards five extra free spins to the free spins bonus games. Despite the game’s retro status and the lack of advanced bonus features, the variety and upside potential of the Lucky 88 features could make this game appealing to a wide variety of players.