KISS Slots Review


KISS is a 100-payline WMS game inspired by an American rock ‘n’ roll band bearing the same name. The slot has a main five-by-four reel with 20 paylines, and a colossal five-by-twelve reel with 80 paylines. The massive nature of the paylines and reels matches the band’s reputation, unrivaled in regards to hard rock and face paint.

The slot is very popular among rock ‘n’ roll fans globally. This is specifically true of KISS fans as it incorporates some of the band’s hit songs during gameplay.

Game manufacturer:WMS
Number of paylines: 100
Game theme:Rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, KISS
RTP: 95.94%
Reels:5×4, 5×12
Min/Max bet:$0.01/$250.00
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:$2,500
Maximum payout:$200,000
Free spins:Yes, eight to 20

Themes and visuals

Even at first glance, this slot is unmistakably inspired by the famous band. The reels and overall theme incorporate the band’s distinct black-and-white costumes.

The game sits on a stage backdrop, with two band members standing on either side of the main and colossal reels.

When you start spinning, you will notice the reel sets operate independently. The scatter is the only symbol triggered across both reel sets.

The reels include standard playing card symbols, from the jack to the ace. These symbols act as low-value symbols.

The high-value symbols are related to the band. They include icons representing each of the four band members, a KISS Army symbol (representing the band’s official fan club), Gene Simmons’ famous tongue, and a guitar symbol, among others.

Betting options & paying combinations

KISS includes 100 operational paylines. The minimum wager is $0.10, and the maximum wager is $250. You need a minimum of $0.50 to play all 100 lines (at $0.01 per line) as single-coin bets cover two lines. The game has a 95.94% return-to-player (RTP) and a maximum payout of $200,000.

What about the jackpots?Kiss interface

You win the KISS standard jackpot of $2,500, or 250 coins, when you land Gene Simmons’ tongue.

Additional features & bonus rounds

There are some standard and unique bonus features in KISS, including:

  1. Free spins

You activate the free spins bonus feature when you land three or more “KISS Shout It Out Loud” scatter symbols across three reels in the main and colossal reel sets. The number of scatters you land dictates the number of free spins and multipliers you win.

Three scatter symbols get you at least eight free spins, accompanied by a 2x multiplier. Four scatters earn you 12 free spins and a 5x multiplier, while five scatters earn you 20 free spins and a 20x multiplier.

  1. Nudging wilds

When you land wilds on the main reel, the colossal reel will go wild automatically. The nudging wilds appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. The symbols expand and extend to the other reel, increasing your odds of winning significantly.

  1. Stacked and super-stacked symbols

All the main symbols are stacked two to eight symbols high across both reels. When you hit these stacked symbols alongside wilds or other icons, they produce payline wins that can amount to big payouts.

Who is the game ideal for?Kiss wild

We have no doubt KISS fans will love this game. Fans of rock ‘n’ roll will also find this game enjoyable, given the gameplay is packed with rock ‘n’ roll tunes and sound effects. WMS has also added animated performances.

The game can also appeal to slots players who love unique games. The two sets of reels are distinctive. In regards to stakes, the minimum wager of $0.10 and the maximum wager of $250 are ideal for medium-stakes players.

Other similar games from WMS

WMS has other music-themed celebrity slots. The most notable is a slot inspired by renowned pop star Elvis Presley. Although ‘Elvis: The King Lives’ isn’t inspired by rock ‘n’ roll, it bears notable similarities to KISS. Both slots have unique reel features and similar bonus features. If you love celebrities or music-inspired slots, you will enjoy playing Elvis: The King Lives.

What’s hot?

Great design: KISS boasts a unique design with two reel sets. WMS has also included animated features in the game and special bonuses. KISS also has great sound effects that recreate the energy and thrill of being at a rock ‘n’ roll concert.

The game even includes fire spitters, and you get to enjoy some concert footage when you initiate a bonus round. You couldn’t ask for a better KISS-inspired slot.

Custom features: KISS has an autoplay button that lets you take a break without stopping gameplay. You can spin the reels automatically up to 200 times and stop them after they meet specific conditions. The game also has line- and coin-bet options that can be adjusted quickly using controls located below the screen.

Great bonuses: It’s easy to land free spins and nudging wilds in this game. The frequent wins (although small) will help you maintain your balance. If you manage to get nudging wilds, you have great odds of getting some decent base game wins.

Universally accessible: KISS doesn’t have geographical restrictions. You can play this game online for real money anywhere in the world via a WMS online casino.

What’s not?Kiss paylines 1

High variance slot, low RTP: The number of paylines and reels makes KISS a high variance slot. KISS also has a 95.94% RTP, which is considerably low. Although you will get frequent wins during the base game, they will be small and won’t add up to much – even after you factor in bonus features like multipliers.

A fixed RTP provides the same odds for all players; however, there a better slots if you want good odds of winning big. Unless you are very patient and have a decent betting balance, you won’t get sizable wins consistently.

Potentially confusing: The double reel sets can be complicated if you are used to regular slots. It can also be a challenge mastering the gameplay when faced with 100 paylines. KISS isn’t a straight-forward slot. You may need some more time to familiarize yourself with this game and understand what is happening across both reels.

Mobile availability: Although the slot is universally available around the world, the game isn’t available across all platforms. You may have problems accessing KISS via your mobile device.

Narrow theme: Unless you are a rock ‘n’ roll fan, you may not enjoy this slot. If you don’t know about the band KISS, you will miss out on many elements of the game.

Elusive/low standard jackpot: It’s disappointing that the standard jackpot is only $2,500. Coupled with the small wins and the low RTP (which lowers your odds of winning big prizes), there is little to look forward to when playing this game. This slot is best suited for KISS fans who are focused on entertainment as opposed to big wins.

Final Rating

  • Graphics and design – 4/5: KISS boasts great graphics and design. The reel sets are unique and function perfectly. The theme is also consistent on every level, up to the smallest detail. The game features animated band performances, and you can play up to 100 paylines and still have control over your wager size to the smallest denominations. WMS has also incorporated all standard slot features and introduced exciting ones. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design and overall appearance of this game.
  • Sound effects – 4/5:  KISS fans will enjoy the band’s hit songs during gameplay. The musical accompaniments and special sound effects during the in-game performances are impressive. You have no doubt you are playing a rock ‘n’ roll-themed slot the moment you start spinning the reels.
  • Jackpot value – 2/5: The jackpot potential of this game isn’t huge. Even after considering bonus features like wilds, your chances of enjoying big wins are slim. The RTP is low, and the standard jackpot isn’t very exciting. There are better slots for real jackpot prizes.
  • Replay value – 3/5: From an entertainment perspective, KISS is a great game. Fans of rock ‘n’ roll are bound to have a great time spinning the two reel sets and watching the periodic animated KISS performances during gameplay. The frequent wins, although small, are bound to keep regular slots fans glued to the reels. From a gambler’s perspective, the slot has a high variance, meaning you are unlikely to enjoy big wins. If you play slots to win big, you may get bored and lack an incentive to replay the game.