Hoot Loot Slot Review


Hoot Loot is a slot about colorful animals who live in a vast wilderness. Hoo the Owl — complete with spectacles, a vest, and a tie – serves as the game’s mascot. Strangely enough, Hoo doesn’t appear as a symbol on the reels.

This game was released by High 5 Games in 2004, making it rather old for an online slot. However, Hoot Loot is designed in timeless fashion and still has appeal today. The cartoonish graphics and wacky animals create a theme that many players can enjoy.

Game manufacturer:High 5 Games
Number of paylines:20 (plus Hoot Line)
Game theme:Animal, wilderness
Min/Max bet:$0.60/$200
Progressive jackpot:No
Regular jackpots:No
Coin denominations:$0.03 – $10
Maximum standard win:$200,000
Free spins:No

Theme and visuals overview

Hoot Loot boasts a rich and colorful cartoonish appearance. The symbols pop thanks to a vibrant color scheme, which makes them stand out from the dimmer background.

Half of the symbols revolve around forest-dwelling animals, including an eagle, a bear, a moose, a fox, and a porcupine. Other symbols include a Hoot Loot icon, owl eggs, a mushroom, a paw print, a strawberry, leaves, and Hoo’s Safe.

The animals are the stars of this game, with each performing an entertaining animation when appearing in wins. Here are examples:

1. The moose jogs with a small blue bird on its back.
2. The fox smiles before taking off in a sprint.
3. The bear pulls honey out of a beehive.

Again, Hoo doesn’t serve as a symbol within the game. He does, however, jump on the reels and dance to celebrate special wins. He also has some lines, such as “I think congratulations are in order.”

Compared to other slots, the game offers a large variety of animations during wins. Therefore, it’s one of the livelier games that we’ve played.

Betting options and paying combinations

Hoot Loot includes five reels and 20 lines. The lines are fixed, but the bet per line can be adjusted to as low as $0.03, or $0.60 per spin. This $0.60 minimum wager is high compared to other internet slots. The bet per line can be turned as high as $10, or $200 per spin.

Hoot Loot’s only gameplay option is the ability to turn sound on and off. This game does not offer autoplay, which is a staple in many other slots.

The return-to-player (RTP) for Hoot Loot is 95.0%. This RTP is decent relative to other online slots. Landing five Hoot Loot symbols in a payline delivers the game’s highest payout, which is worth 20,000x your line bet. The eagle, bear, moose, fox, and porcupine all offer 500x the line wager for five symbols.

Does Hoot Loot offer any jackpots?hoot loot interface

This slot doesn’t feature a jackpot. This is unfortunate considering that such prizes add more entertainment value to slots. The highest available payout is 20,000x your line bet, which comes with landing five Hoot Loot wild symbols in a line. You can win up to $200,000 when betting the $10 per line max (20,000 x 10).

This game includes a special feature called the “Hoot Line,” which delivers a 22x multiplier. However, the Hoot Line doesn’t apply to the top 20,000x top payout.

Additional bonus rounds and features

Hoot Loot makes up for its absence of a jackpot with some interesting bonus features, including free spins, scatter payouts, and the Hoot Line.

1. Wild symbol

The wild symbol doesn’t offer any unique function aside from substituting for non-bonus symbols to form wins. The Hoot Loot icon can also form payouts on its own. It offers 20,000x your line bet for five symbols, 500x for four, 100x for three, and 20x for two.

2. Scatter symbol & bonus round

Hoo’s Safe is a scatter icon that triggers the bonus round when landing in reels one, three, and five. The wild symbol cannot substitute for Hoo’s Safe to trigger the bonus.

All triggering safes remain onscreen during Hoo’s Safe bonus. You select one of the safes to receive a prize worth between 5x and 25x your triggering bet.

3. Hoot Linehoot loot hoot line

The Hoot Line is featured in a special section beneath the reels. It costs nothing to play and is automatically available in every round, regardless of your bet size.

Following every spin, the game randomly places a small Hoo picture on between one and five symbols. Each icon with a Hoo picture is added to the Hoot Line.

The goal is to hit a winning in-game combination along with a winning Hoot Line combo. Doing so will multiply your regular-line win by 22x. Here’s an example:

  • You bet $0.05 per line.
  • You get a win with a Hoot Loot symbol and bear.
  • This win is worth 2x your line bet, or $0.10.
  • The game chooses a Hoot Loot icon and bear for the Hoot Line.
  • The Hoot Loot and bear symbols form a winning Hoot Line combination and offer a 22x multiplier.
  • 22 x $0.10 = $2.20 total win.

The paytable mentions that the Hoot Line multiplier is equal to the total number of paylines in play when using fewer than 20 lines (e.g., 15 lines – 15x multiplier). However, the game didn’t allow us to play fewer than 20 lines, making this rule irrelevant.

The Hoot Line is one of the most confusing slot features that we’ve come across. It becomes clearer as you continue playing the game, though.

Who is this game ideal for?hoot loot paytable 2

Hoot Loot will appeal to players who like low-volatility slots because it frequently awards small prizes. This game will also be attractive to anybody who enjoys unique features. The Hoot Loot Line is an innovative aspect that sets this title apart from other slots.

Those who enjoy plentiful betting and gameplay options won’t appreciate Hoot Loot’s limitations. It only offers the ability to change the line bet and turn the sound on and off.

Other similar games from High 5 Games

Some similar animal/wilderness-themed slots from High 5 Games include Betti the Yetti and Super Hoot Loot. Betti the Yetti features a different theme – it revolves around a female yeti who lives in a national park. The graphics and playful nature of this title are very similar to Hoot Loot.

Super Hoot Loot is a sequel that was released in 2009. This game is nearly identical to the original Hoot Loot, save for 40 paylines, a 2x wild multiplier, and up to a 200x “Loot Line” multiplier.

What’s Hot?

Hoot Line: The Hoot Line is an original feature that has not been replicated to this day. It’s perfect if you’re tired of the standard multipliers seen in many other slots.

Colorful graphics: The animals offer vibrant, rich graphics that can make you feel like a cartoon is playing out on the reels. The graphics have also helped Hoot Loot stay relevant today despite it being released in 2004.

Multiple features: The wild symbol, Hoo’s Safe Bonus, and Hoot Line present a nice mixture of features that can help you earn larger prizes.

What’s Not?hoot loot paytable 1

No jackpot: Hoot Loot features a high regular top payout at 20,000x your line wager. However, it doesn’t offer a standard or progressive jackpot. Furthermore, the 20,000x prize (five Hoot Loot symbols) isn’t eligible for the Hoot Line multiplier.

Few betting & gameplay options: You can adjust the line bet, but the paylines are fixed, and there’s no coins-per-line option. The only gameplay option involves turning the sound off. The absence of autoplay forces you to manually push the spin button over and over.

High minimum bet: Most online slots allow you to set the bet per line at $0.01. Hoot Loot forces you to wager at least $0.03, making for a $0.60 minimum bet when accounting for the 20 lines. This $0.60 minimum is higher than the minimum wager for most slots.

Final Rating

  • Graphics and design – 3.5/5: Hoot Loot features solid cartoon graphics. These visuals are as good as it gets for a pre-2005 slot.
  • Sound effects – 3/5: The music that plays when the reels are spinning is generic. However, the sound effects during winning combinations and Hoo’s dance routines are energetic.
  • Jackpot value – 2/5: Hoot Loot doesn’t offer a jackpot. The only saving grace here is that the largest payout is worth 20,000x the line bet. This is generous for a top standard payout. The Hoot Line also makes for some large regular wins.
  • Replay value – 4.5/5: This slot has become a classic thanks to its multiple features, cartoon graphics, and unique Hoot Line feature. The theme is cliché but fun nonetheless.