Double Diamond Slot Machine Review

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The Double Diamond slot machine from International Gaming Technology (IGT) has graced casino floors for over 15 years. Today, you can also play this three-reel, single-payline slot at online casinos.

IGT is one of the most respected names in slots development, and highly successful, classic titles like Double Diamond are a big part of that prestige.

Double Diamond’s iconic stature means it has spawned a legion of sequels, successors, and offshoot machines, including:

  • Triple Diamond
  • Double Diamond 3x 4x 5x
  • I Love Triple Diamond
  • Double Diamond: Wheel of Fortune

The tagline for this game is “the dazzling hit that sparked a revolution,” which is appropriate for a title that has such a legacy.

Game manufacturer:IGT
Number of paylines:1
Game theme:Vintage, classic
Min/Max bet:$0.25 to $100 per spin
Maximum standard win:$100,000
Free spins:No

Themes & visuals

Double Diamond, as you would expect from a decades-old game, has a vintage casino slot vibe.

The main theme and symbols here should be familiar to slots players of all types.

There are a total of seven symbols in Double Diamond. These are:

  • Single blue bar
  • Double pink bar
  • Triple purple bar
  • Cherries
  • 7s
  • Any Bar
  • Double Diamond

All of these can be found in other classic slots of the same time period and style. IGT didn’t break any boundaries in the online version of Double Diamond, but they didn’t really need to.

The music does let this title down a little, though, with the same 8-bit soundtrack as Triple Diamond.

We quickly muted the nerve-jangling and repetitive background music. However, if retro bleeps and bloops are your thing, you may enjoy this.

Betting options & paying combinationsDouble Diamond 1

Double Diamond has one central payline and three reels for a truly old-school feel.

There are no yoyoing diagonal paylines or unexpected wins here. You’ll know right away exactly what you’re getting with this game, which is a big part of the appeal.

Bets on this machine change depending on the locality and casino.

They do, however, have a fixed starting point of $0.25. You won’t find a bigger bet than $100 a spin. This isn’t a bad range, even by modern slots standards.

With only one payline, it would have been nice to be able to bet $0.01. A lot of modern IGT slots also go up to $400 a spin, so high-rolling bettors may feel a little short-changed by this limit, too.

The return-to-player (RTP) on Double Diamond is 95.4%. This is widely in-line with most of IGT’s contemporary slots. You should be aware this particular game has a very high variance, due to the single payline structure.

What about the jackpots?

There are none. There is a 1000-times-your-bet scaling prize for pulling three Double Diamond symbols. However, even at max bet, the $100,000 on offer isn’t as high as many contemporary slots.

Of course, Double Diamond was designed in the days before big, fixed-money prizes were the norm. That doesn’t mean it can’t be compared to the rest of the market today. In this case, we found it lacking.

Additional features & bonus rounds

Double Diamond features one scatter symbol, two semi-wilds, and no bonus game. This collection of extras is small by today’s standards.

1. Wild symbolsDouble Diamond interface 2

There are two symbols that act as wilds in this game:

  • Double Diamond
  • Any Bar

The Double Diamond will substitute for any other symbol to make a winning line. Pull one to get 2x the payout, two to get 4x your win, and pull all three to bag 1000x your bet.

The Any Bar symbol is a wild, but only for other bar icons. Pull one seven, one Any Bar, and a double pink bar, for example, and you won’t get a winning line.

2. Scatters

The cherries are the only special symbol on Double Diamond’s three reels. They give an automatic win on any line you pull them on, even if only one appears.

You’ll get 2x your win for pulling one cherries symbol, 5x for two, and 10x for pulling all three.

3. Bonus rounds

There’s no bonus round in this game.

This will be fine for nostalgic slots players or those who are after a simpler experience. However, most players will be disappointed with the lack of depth Double Diamond offers.

Who is this game ideal for?

IGT’s Double Diamond will suit fans of old-school casino slots who are looking for a bit of online nostalgia. Or, it may appeal to players on a casino floor looking for an authentic vintage experience.

Bettors who want big jackpots, fancy animations, great music, or any of the other features offered by today’s bigger-budget video slots will find them sadly missing here.

Similar games by IGTDouble Diamond interface 3

Fans of this theme will be served well by the online market, with a variety of retro-styled titles available, such as Super Times Pay, Triple Red Hot 777, and more.

If you are looking specifically for slots with old-school, three-reel mechanics, you might have less luck. Options include the original sequel to this title – Triple Diamond – and a real casino classic – Red, White & Blue.

What’s hot?

Extremely simple gameplay: There’s only one central payline and three reels to think about on Double Diamond. You won’t find an easier-to-understand slot game than that.

Nostalgia value: This is a truly classic game and one that might bring back glowing memories for a lot of people. Even bettors who have never played this particular game can still enjoy the vintage, three-line feel.

Decent bet range: A range of $0.25 to $100 a spin is not bad at all and can stand up to some much more modern titles.

What’s not?

Only one payline: This might be great for some players, but for us, it sucked a lot of excitement out of the game. Developers switched over to five-reel, multiple-payline slots because they are more fun. With multiple lines, every spin has more potential to be a winner. Add to that the possibility to pull several wins on one spin, and you get a slot with a lower variance between players, which spreads the games’ winnings more evenly. You won’t see that happening on Double Diamond.

No jackpot: Dedicated big-money prizes are one of the main draws for slot titles nowadays, and Double Diamond doesn’t have that attraction. The potential $100,000 prize on a max-bet spin of $100 doesn’t quite cut it for us.

Lack of extras: With no bonus rounds and only two extra symbols on top of the main reels, Double Diamond lacks a lot of depth compared to an average slot game in today’s market– let alone the big-budget titles.

Final Rating

  • Graphics and design – 2.5/5: If you enjoy the retro stylings and are after a bit of nostalgia, Double Diamond could get a 5/5 from you. If that doesn’t describe you, the single payline and three reels probably won’t be enough to keep your interest for long.
  • Sound effects – 1/5: We understand this title is nearly 20 years old now, but IGT could have updated the soundtrack before putting it online.
  • Jackpot value – 0/5: There are no labeled jackpots to be found here.
  • Replay value – 2/5: If you enjoy vintage slots experiences, this one should have you coming back for repeated plays. For everyone else, the lack of depth or jackpots means gameplay could quickly get stale.