Earn Extra Credit To Close Out November at Golden Nugget Atlantic City

golden nugget november

There’s still time to take advantage of the Tiered Tier Credit Multiplier promotion at Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

The promotion allows members of the casino’s 24 Karat Select Club loyalty program to earn extra credit on Bonus Tier Credit days throughout November. The Bonus Tier Credit days are every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until the end of the month.

Playing slots or table games with a 24 Karat Select Club card will earn players the following bonuses:

  • 2x Tier Credits for 24 Karat Gold & Premier Members
  • 3x Tier Credits for 24 Karat Chairman Members
  • 4x Tier Credits for 24 Karat Elite Members

What’s the 24 Karat Select Club?

This program is absolutely free to players 21 or older. Plus, 24 Karat Select Club members are eligible for exclusive slot tournaments, giveaways, and sweepstakes when they use the card while gambling.

Members also earn Comp Dollars for playing on the property. These dollars can be redeemed at all Golden Nugget restaurants and retail shops, including at more than 500 Landry’s restaurants across the US. Landry’s owns and operates Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

Members also earn Tier Credits opening the door to increased benefits, rewards, and earning potential. The club has four tiers, and each one comes with increased earning power. The tiers include:

  • 24 Karat (0 – 3,999 Tier Credits)
  • Premier (4,000 – 9,999 Tier Credits)
  • Chairman (10,000 Tier Credits)
  • Elite (50,000 Tier Credits)

All the benefits of 24K Select Club membership are listed on the player portal at GoldenNugget.com and at the 24K Select Club booth on the Atlantic City property.

Free play for new and inactive members

New and inactive members who have not used their card in 24 months can also earn same-day free play by playing with their 24K Select Club card at any slot machine.

Free play must be used at a slot machine, and only the winnings can be converted to cash. New and inactive members earn the free play at the following rates:

  • 50 Tier Credits: $10
  • 200 Tier Credits: additional $10
  • 400 Tier Credits: additional $10
  • 600 Tier Credits: additional $10
  • 800 Tier Credits: additional $10
  • 1,000 Tier Credits: additional $50

December Bingo Bonanza

Golden Nugget loyalty program members can also take advantage of a Bingo Bonanza promotion coming up in December.

It will run Monday, Dec. 11 and Monday, Dec. 18 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. inside the Golden Nugget Atlantic City’s Grand Ballroom.

There will be eight bingo games per session with $5,000 in cash awarded per session.

All 24 Karat Select Gold and Premier cardholders who earn 20 Base Tier Credits on the day of the event can enter. Entry is free for all Chairman and Elite cardholders.

Image credit: Alexanderphoto7 / Shutterstock.com