$1 Million Golden Gridiron Promotion Continues At Golden Nugget AC

golden gridiron

The halfway point of the NFL season is fast approaching, leaving plenty of time to enter Golden Nugget Atlantic City’s $1 Million Golden Gridiron promotion.

The promotion runs through Dec. 31, giving members of the Golden Nugget’s 24K Select club the chance to win over $250,000 in cash and free play throughout the NFL season. Plus, there is $1 million awaiting a player who can correctly pick winners in 192 games or more this season.

Enter at Fan Zone kiosks inside Golden Nugget

24K Select members can visit the Fan Zone kiosks in the Main Atrium at Golden Nugget Atlantic City each week to make their picks for Sunday and Monday games. Simply swipe a 24K Select card to make picks between Tuesdays at noon and Sundays at noon during the week.

Each week, the player who makes the most correct picks will earn $5,000 in cash. Second-most will win $1,500 in cash. The third-place entry will win $1,000 in cash.

Additionally, all entries will be put in a weekly drawing for $7,500 in free play. Furthermore, $50 in free play will be awarded to 150 randomly selected participants each week.

Do you know football?

If you think you know football, the Golden Gridiron promotion is certainly for you. Entry is free for members of the 24K Select club.

However, members are only allowed one entry per day for a total of six entries each week. Mondays are excluded. A member’s best entry for the week is the one that counts. The goal is to pick outright winners; point spreads are not used in the promotion.

In addition to picking Sunday and Monday NFL winners, members must choose a combined score in a selected tiebreaker game via the touch screen at the designated kiosk.

In the event of a tie for the most number of correct picks in a week, even after the tiebreaker score is considered, the participant with the earliest electronic time stamp from a kiosk will be declared the winner, so it’s best to move quickly each week despite this being an unlikely scenario.

Only one $1 million grand prize

There is only one $1 million grand prize for picking the winner of 192 games or more out of the 232 this NFL season.

If no entrant crosses that threshold, no grand prize will be awarded. If there are multiple winners, the $1 million will be divided equally among them. (Please note the grand prize will be paid as a 40-year annuity in 40 equal annual installments of $25,000 each.)

Winners are posted on the Golden Gridiron promotion website after 3 p.m. on Tuesdays. Winners will also be notified by email. Cash winnings can be claimed at the Golden Nugget casino cage after 3 p.m. on Tuesdays. Winners have 14 days to claim the prize.

All free play winners will have the awarded amount automatically loaded onto their 24K Select card. It can be downloaded any time after 6 a.m. on the following Wednesday. Winners also have 14 days to download the free play prizes.